Could Ozone Therapy Be the Best Treatment for Chronic Disease?

Could Ozone Therapy Be the Best Treatment for Chronic Disease?
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If you have followed my wife’s story, you have probably heard us talk about ozone therapy.  Ozone therapy is what turned Natasha’s life around when she was battling Epstein Barr Virus, and mold toxicity.

What is Ozone Therapy?

The scientific definition is: “Ozone (O3) gas was discovered in the mid-nineteenth century. Ozone therapy has been utilized and heavily studied for more than a century…Its effects are proven, consistent, safe and with minimal and preventable side effects. Medical O3 is used to disinfect and treat disease. Mechanism of actions is by inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa, stimulation of oxygen metabolism, activation of the immune system. Medication forms in a gaseous state are somewhat unusual, and it is for this reason that special application techniques have had to be developed for the safe use of O3…Diseases treated are infected wounds, circulatory disorders, geriatric conditions, macular degeneration, viral diseases, rheumatism/arthritis, cancer, SARS and AIDS.” – J Nat Sci Biol Med. 2011 Jan-Jun; 2(1): 66–70 

The layman’s definition is: Ozone therapy involves creating ozone using technology that can be administered a variety of ways; IV therapy, rectal insufflation and in water.  Ozone helps create an oxidative reaction in the body that stimulates the following:

1) Immune modulation – Immune modulation is the process of your immune system seeing and killing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and other infections), while at the same time avoiding attacking your own body (autoimmune conditions)

2) Oxygen saturation – More oxygen…Mmmmmm!!!

3) Body Detoxification – Ozone helps detoxify chemicals and toxins from your body.


Due to COIVD “shelter in place” orders, I have been unable to see patients in the clinic for ozone therapy.  The alternative…ozone therapy at home, rectally.

Similar to performing a coffee enema, you may administer ozone therapy at home.  Natasha and I both do this even though we can get ozone administered at the clinic because it is easier, less costly, and we can do it daily if we wanted to.

Here are two short testimonials from patients of mine that recently started doing ozone therapy at home:

“I finished my 3rd session and I feel more energy, sleeping better and I passed a parasite, I couldn’t believe it!”

Angela L., CA

“The ozone therapy is amazing!  I am feeling much better, less inflammation and more energy. After the 3rd session, I could already play basketball with my son.  By the 10th, I felt I could run a marathon!” –

Nivia F., CO

My Story with Ozone Therapy and Prednisone

Almost two months ago I contracted Contact Dermatitis.  Sometimes dermatitis is in a localized region, and other times it is global, across most of your body.  Unfortunately for me, it was the later. 

I toughed it out for almost 2 weeks and then couldn’t take the itching anymore and got on prednisone for 10 days.  If you have ever tried coming off prednisone, you know some of the side effects, which are HORRIBLE!  I developed Red Skin Syndrome (RSS).

RSS will drive you insane!  The internal burning (I described it as an internal sunburn), itching, redness, pustules, and sleeplessness nights were taking their toll on me. 

I had IV ozone therapy administered several times but decided to buy an ozone generator for home use.  Why?  I could do ozone daily (even two times a day for me), I didn’t have to pay for an IV tech/supplies, and there was no needle involved (I am a baby).

Within one week, my RSS was beginning to clear up.  I continued ozone daily (two times a day on the weekends) for the next 4 weeks to completely clear up my skin.

Wanna Learn More

I filmed this educational video on ozone:

Here is a great story of ozone therapy being used for COVID patients: CLICK HERE and

Where to Buy Ozone Generators is the company I have used for our ozone generators/UVB devices for the clinic and their at-home units.  The company does give me a discount for patients.  If you are interested in a unit, feel free to email me any questions: Soon, I will have these units on our website to buy direct.


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