Review Your Current Laboratory Results
Gather More Answers To Explain Your Health Condition
Create A Game Plan Based Upon A Complete Picture

Every patient has a unique health story. The trigger that caused one patient’s health condition, may not be the reason for causing another patient’s health condition.

Due to the complex nature of chronic disease, specific and thorough testing will need to be considered. This is the first step in the healing journey!


Full Blood Panel: Complete thyroid panel (10 markers), cholesterol, iron markers, liver enzymes, inflammation markers (including heart and homocysteine), Vitamin D, and a WBC panel. 68 markers in total. (Required Test). Click HERE to request a list of all the blood markers.

Genetic Testing: Dr. King uses for all genetic testing. Genetic mutations are at the root cause of all chronic health conditions. Dr. King will dive deep into your mutations to teach you WHY you became sick. Once you have reached your health goals, Dr. King will use your genetic data to teach you how to continue feeling well, based on your genetic mutations. (Required Test)

Nutritional Testing:There are two companies Dr. King uses to test for nutritional deficiencies, gastro-intestinal health, and infections – Great Plains Laboratory and Genova Diagnostics. (Required Test)

Mycotoxin Testing: If you know Dr. King’s story, and what happened to his wife, Natasha, you will appreciate testing for mycotoxins. Dr. King may recommend testing your body, or your home AND your body. Great Plains Laboratory

Lyme Disease Testing: Lyme Disease is a VERY difficult disease to treat properly. The first step is running accurate tests to determine what type of Lyme infection you may have. There are only two labs in the US Dr. King trusts: ImmunoSciencesand IGeneX

Food Sensitivity/Allergy Testing: Many patients struggle with food sensitivities. If this is you, Dr. King will discuss the best labs to run, and WHEN to run them. Don’t waste money running food sensitivity tests if you have chronic gut inflammation/infections, you may receive inaccurate test results. Cyrex Labs

Hormone Testing: Dr. King works with a TON of patients who are struggling with their hormones. There may be many reasons why the hormones are ‘off’ and Dr. King will use a specialized lab to determine what is occurring. Dutch Labs


Telemedicine – Dr. King has been working with patients via Telemedicine for the last 4-years. Due to COVID, requests for Telemedicine have skyrocketed. If you are not local to Colorado, don’t worry! Help is only a video call away.

Nutritional IV Therapy – A patient’s nutritional deficiencies will dictate what type of nutritional IV they will need. Diagnostic testing allows for more specific nutritional supplementation via IV therapy (intravenous therapy). The IV therapy is administered by IV technicians, which is overseen by the clinic’s medical director. If you are a long-distance patient, Dr. King may refer you to a clinic local to your area, or you may enjoy visiting beautiful Colorado for a 1-2 week course of therapies. 

Ozone Therapy with UVB – Ozone therapy combined with UVB therapy is a way of helping the body eradicate infections, detoxifying the body, and improving the immune system, all while speeding up the healing process. Ozone Therapy is the number one tool that Dr. King’s wife, Natasha, used to to overcome mold toxicity, Epstein Barr Virus, and Hashimoto’s Disease. Click HERE to learn more about Ozone Therapy. Click HERE to learn more about UVB Therapy. Ozone Therapy may be administered at home, as well. Make sure to discuss this option with Dr. King.

Rife Technology – Natasha and Dr. King run their Rife machine almost every night. This is a light frequency generator. This technology assists with eradicating infections and detoxifying the body. To learn more, watch this VIDEO.

Detox Protocols – Dr. King has many detoxification protocols (liver, lymphatic, and heavy metals). Detox protocols are based on each individual. Detoxifying the body can be difficult, due to die-off/Herx symptoms, and Dr. King realizes this. After working with thousands of patients, including Natasha, Dr. King has several ways to ease into detoxification protocols, to allow you to heal without struggling with horrible die-off/Herx reaction.

Science Guided Supplemention – To heal the body, certain vitamins and minerals will be used. Supplements are based off of your personalized laboratory results. Rest assured, you will not be taking 30 different supplements to help “get you through the day”.

Nutritional Guidance – Will you need to change your eating lifestyle? Yes! Is this difficult? With the right guidance, it doesn’t have to be. Dr. King, and his wife, have been eating the exact way you will begin eating for the last 10-years. The goal is to improve the quality of your life. In order to do so, your lifestyle must change, and this includes what you feed your body. 

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