How can you determine if you will be a good candidate for care before calling in to the clinic? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions patients usually ask. These are also some of the questions Dr. King would like you to have answers to, prior to your phone consultation, as Dr. King prefers to spend those few minutes discussing your case, not our policies.

Every patient is completely unique. There are not cookie-cutter approaches to Dr. King’s natural programs. Therefore, no two patients are treated the same way. One patient’s condition is going to be caused by one thing (or several); whereas another patient’s same diagnosis could be caused by a different cause. Every care program is uniquely given, as one patient’s body will heal differently than the next. Most patients’ care programs last anywhere from 3-12 months for maximum healing to occur.

Most patients that come into our clinic have been pushed through the traditional medical model. They have been let down, they have been frustrated, they are looking for hope, and most are or have given up hope. This is where the insurance model ‘gets’ patients. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover our natural therapy programs. Fortunately, this allows us to order any testing that we need and perform any therapies our patients need. Your care will not be compromised because of what your insurance will or will not cover. This is why our patients achieve the results they do, because we provide exceptional care!

This answer is similar to the first answer above. Every patient is different. Every patient will need specialized testing according to their specific health condition. While Dr. King’s therapies are not inexpensive, he does make each program financially affordable for each patient. Every patient is in a different financial situation, and Dr. King understands that. However, his job is to provide you with the most thorough, results driven care possible.

The clinic does use health finance companies to finance patients’ health care, just like dentist offices.

It starts by providing a detailed, comprehensive exam to determine how the body is or is not functioning properly. Dr. King will order laboratory tests he feels are necessary to unravel the complexity of your health condition. If neurological rehabilitation is involved, Dr. King will discuss your therapy when the time comes. Dr. King uses clinical nutrition and natural herbs and supplementation to help your body heal.

Dr. King has years of experience working with those with chronic health conditions. He knows it takes work and time, both on his part and on the patient’s part. He looks for the most motivated of patients to work with. Patients that are looking for a quick fix or a magical pill are not the type of patients Dr. King chooses to work with. Most patients have been suffering for 5, 10, 15, even up to 40 years with their conditions; they will not heal or improve overnight. It takes time and work, and a patient needs to understand this prior to their consultation.

Yes, Dr. King’s mission is to improve the quality of every patient’s life that walks in the clinic doors. However, this doesn’t always happen for one or several reasons. Dr. King will not waste your time or his time working with you if he feels he cannot change your life. Dr. King will let you know if he feels that his natural therapy program will not be the best thing for you.

The best way to answer this is, excellent! Dr. King does not accept a patient if he does not feel he can change their life. Dr. King loves collecting video testimonials from patients. He feels that hearing people’s stories mean more than anything.

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