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My husband and I are forever grateful for the role Dr. King has played in restoring my health. After living in a rental home teeming with toxic black mold, I was dealing with a laundry list of symptoms: debilitating fatigue, migraines, vertigo, digestive disturbances, cystic acne, brain fog, miscarriages, poor stress response, melasma, heart palpitations and muscle weakness. I was a mess, and other doctors had been unable to help me. And so I came to Dr. King.


No other doctor I had visited approached my case with such attention to detail and thoroughness. Dr. King was able to identify various nutritional imbalances plus an autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto’s). Using this knowledge, he created a four month metabolic and mold-detox program, which I embraced wholeheartedly. Within weeks I began to see clear signs of improvement, and enthusiastically pressed onward. Dr. King’s guidance, along with my taking of responsibility for my own bad habits and negative thinking patterns, led to a fairly rapid recovery.

It’s incredible to think of the difference between my life five months ago and my life now. Back then, I struggled to get out of bed, to care for my beautiful daughter, and to find joy in a life that had become quite literally painful. But here I am, free of the symptoms I originally placed in Dr. King’s capable hands. I’ve been given a second chance at life. I look different. I feel different. My autoimmune disorder has gone into remission. I now have enough energy to out-play my daughter (no easy feat), I’ve joyfully re-engaged in athletics, and I’m preparing to return to to school to get my masters degree. I owe Dr. King a lifetime of gratitude for leading me to restored health. He got to the root causes of my illness and gave me the tools to find better health, energy and mental acuity than I’ve ever had.


Jacqueline J.North Carolina

Hello my name is Tiffany!

I am writing this testimonial for the doctor, who literally, saved my life in more ways then one when I no longer thought it was possible. Before seeing Dr. King, I was a young woman facing several struggles. I went to a doctor to test my thyroid for the heck of it because my mother had a “sluggish” one.  My results were rather crazy!  Not only did I have bad thyroid levels, but I also found out I had Hashimoto’s Disease.


My doctor didn’t explain anything to me in regards to the Hashimoto’s Disease and thyroid levels.  He only said, “this happens all the time, take the pills I prescribe and if they get your thyroid down maybe get you off of them, but most likely you will be on them for life.”  The only goal my doctor had was to keep my TSH in “range”.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing , and I was in denial thinking she was wrong. I did research and learned my thyroid was causing all of my symptoms that I had been pushing to the side, blaming other causes. My symptoms included the following:

  • tiredness, ALL of the time
  • hormonal swings that my husband got the brunt of
  • depression
  • foggy brain
  • my throat would get so swollen it felt like I was gasping for air at times
  • I was doing everything to lose weight, but NOTHING worked.

I started becoming obsessed with my thyroid and thinking of natural ways to self cure it, but even that didn’t help much since I didn’t know what I was doing. I started seeing my awesome chiropractor, and he told me about Dr King!

At first I was skeptical and not sure what to think, but I went out on a limb and made my first appointment, and I have never looked back! I hope you have an open mind when reading these testimonials.  I am one of many patients that have experienced working with one of the most amazing doctors I have ever met.

I can now say I am living a life I never though possible.  It feels so refreshing to wake up every morning and no longer dread the day ahead of me. Thank you for everything Dr King, you will always mean something special to me for everything you have done, not only for me, but my family also!


Tiffany S.California/Minnesota

I’d like to start out by thanking Dr King!  In this day and age, people need to open their minds to having a healthy body through diet, supplements and exercise!  A couple of years ago my wife had some tests done since she was feeling sluggish all the time and they found something on her thyroid and wanted to biopsy it. She does not believe in biopsy since she was misdiagnosed with a liver ailment a few years prior and at that time they wanted to biopsy her liver which she decided against, thank goodness!  She had Dr King run her blood work which the markers showed there was nothing wrong with her thyroid, it was  her body wasn’t processing proteins! Dr King changed her diet, changing the way she looked at food and put her on supplements and exercise. The medical Dr.’s missed it completely!!!!  She doesn’t stop all day!!!!


So I decided to have Dr King run my blood work since I was overweight, thought I ate pretty decent but just wasn’t feeling good overall. Come to find out I have Hashimoto’s Disease, and Dr King suggested I would benefit from going gluten-free, dairy and soy free. He also suggested I take certain supplements. It wasn’t nearly as hard to switch my eating habits as I thought. I felt great and lost 25 lbs. Approximately 2 years later, being an avid golfer, I was getting tired around the 10th hole. Boom!  I had a major heart attack!!!!  My “widow maker” was 100% clogged.

The heart specialist said it was from 50 years of abusing my body!  The cardiologist said it was a good thing I changed my lifestyle when I did, because I would have died, but didn’t because my other arteries were clear.  They put a stint in and with Dr King’s advise, I went off the pharmaceuticals (statins, blood pressure meds, ect…I never had high blood pressure to begin with). I am on natural, organic supplements and my diet has kept my cholesterol down too!  This July it will have been 3 years!  I can’t thank Dr King enough!!!!!  I feel great!!!!  I golf 4-5 times a week and my handicap keeps getting lower! 😉  Please open yourself to Integrative Medicine. Why take pharmaceuticals to fix ONE problem when they create DOZENS more!!!!!



Michael S.South Carolina

Dr. King and Wonderful Staff,

I have been dealing with several issues in my life, with no light at the tunnel except for doctors giving me pills that were just a bandaid. No doctor actually asked deeper questions………….Dr. King did!

My issues were, hair loss (tons), low energy, unexplained weight gain, cholesterol from 180 to 232 (unexplainable to me), itchy skin, reacting to almost every cosmetics for my face and hair products, would start to fall asleep by 2:00 pm nearly everyday, eating 13 ounces of protein and plenty of veggies a day, I exercised and kept active, craved sugar and massive amounts of carbs. Keep in mind this was 27 years ago with young ones. I pushed forward with my family, while trying to find a doctor who would just listen.


Five years ago I drastically changed my diet by cutting out SUGAR, GLUTEN, CORN, and DAIRY.

Huge difference in the right direction. I eat all organic produce and proteins. I knew that if I created new healthy habits this will get better. It was great, but things turned around in a confusing way. Something was not right, however, being in tune with your body is a key factor.

Doctor number 38, (I kid you not) is Dr. King. I babbled on about my concerns, and my frustrations.

Dr. King LISTENED, ordered extensive blood work that concluded a Leaky Gut. WHAT? I did not like Dr. King explaining my results. I know this was not his fault, however, no doctor concluded this result to me. Yikes! I got a second opinion with my own medical doctor that laughed while saying to me,

“No doctor in my profession will touch that”. Wow, eye opener.

I’m following the program with amazing results each day. This is not a quick fix nor an over night remedy, however, I am learning why it is important to understand how to move forward with Dr. King.

I am so blessed to have found Dr. King on the internet. Love technology!!!! I know this is a journey of healing as each day is better than yesterday. I just wish there were more Dr. Kings around the world!

With a huge hug… Thank You!!!!


Cathy H.California

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