Could Genetics be Your Answer for Healing?

Could Genetics be Your Answer for Healing?
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Could Genetics be Your Answer for Healing?


How many times have you heard people say, “I have XYZ condition and it runs in my family”?


Before studying genetics, I thought that answer was an excuse the patient would give for not maintaining a healthy body.


The more I studied genetics, I thought, “some of these patients may be right!”


Whether We Want Them or Not!


Genes get passed down to each of us from our parents.  That is out of our control.  What is in our control is the environment that we live in, and we can only control this to a certain extent.


What do I mean by environment?


We are all exposed to environmental toxins, which we can’t control.  We breathe in toxins in our air, no matter where we live.  If you live in LA, you breathe in more compared to living out in the country in Kansas. 


However, we can control HOW we live in our environment!


We can control what eat, our stress levels, our exercise routines, our sleep habits, the people we are around…


We can control A LOT…BUT, with genetic mutations this “control” of ours may not be enough.


What Size is Your Bucket?


What do I mean by that?  


This is an analogy I use to describe why we become sick.  All of us have different size buckets that fill up with toxins throughout or life.  Our genetics will dictate the size of that bucket.  


For example, Natasha and I were living in a home with mold.  Natasha became extremely sick, but I did not.  WHY?  Our buckets are different sizes.  Her bucket filled up and start over-flowing = she became sick.  Natasha has more genetic mutations than I do.  I didn’t get as sick as she did because I have still have plenty of room in my bucket to collect more toxins.


Also, she is a slow detoxifier.  How do we know?  We looked at her genetic mutations that impact her body’s ability to detoxify.  If you can’t detoxify, your bucket is filling up, and you can get rid of those toxins on your own = bucket overflows = you become sick!


Watch the Video Below!


Now that I have taught you a little about genetics, the video below will dive a little deeper for you.


I hope you enjoy!




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