An Estimated 22% of the U.S. Population have the Genetic Predisposition to be Affected by Mold

An Estimated 22% of the U.S. Population have the Genetic Predisposition to be Affected by Mold
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Mycotoxins are hidden from plain sight but may be at the root of many peoples’ health condition(s).

These toxins are released from mold. Not all mold release mycotoxins and this is why testing for mold AND mycotoxins is important (more about this in a later article.

Mycotoxins were at the root of my wife’s autoimmune condition (Hashimoto’s Disease).

We could not see these immunosuppressants. We could not smell them. However, they were doing damage to Natasha, and even our two dogs.

Why You Can’t See Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are soooo tiny they can pass through drywall. If something is that small, it is no wonder you can’t see it.

They are released from mold. Mold can come from water damage in a home, or from a really humid, warm area.

Not all mold is visible, and this was the case for us.

We were living in Laguna Beach, CA. 1 1/2 blocks off of the beach. Loving life! Then, all hell broke loose!

Long story short, we couldn’t see the mold, but we had suspicions. We called a mold inspector and as soon as he cut into the drywall and showed us what was behind, hidden from plain sight, we knew what we had to do…MOVE!

I go into details about that in other articles so I wont dive into that here.

Natasha Developed an AI Condition but I Did Not, Why?

Genetics played a major role in protecting my body while Natasha’s immune system took a nose dive.

There are specific genes that if mutated can make it difficult to detoxify mold. Not only that, but the mold causes an extremely inflammatory process to begin occurring in the body.

What Are These Genes?

The two genes responsible for mold toxicity are HLA DRB2 and HLA DRB1

There are two genes I test for in patients with suspected mold toxicity: HLA DRB1 and HLA DRB2. When mutated, your body will have a difficult time detoxifying the mycotoxins released by mold, and your immune system can become weakened. A weakened immune system is a recipe for disaster!

What Do You Do?

If you have been exposed, have tested your body for mold (hopefully, you are not in the environment that made you sick), then it is time to begin detoxifying the body and building up the immune system.

Glutathione, NAC, binders, Ozone Therapy, coffee enemas, liver detox protocols, immune boosters were all part of Natasha’s protocol to rid herself of the mycotoxins and support her immune system.

This process took A LONG TIME. We had to learn as we went.

The important takeaway…she is better. We are about to be parents. We will be able to say we have “living proof” that you can heal! How cool is that?


If you have questions about mold issues, gene mutations or your health condition, schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s chat.

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