My Favorite Epstein Barr Virus Therapies…

My Favorite Epstein Barr Virus Therapies…
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A common question I am asked is “how did your wife, Natasha, overcome her EBV?”

While there are numerous ways you could attack EBV, I am going to give you the ones that changed my wife’s life (I don’t say this lightly) and are the ones I use with my patients.

Here You Go!

  1. Immune Boosters: We used a lot during her journey. The ones that I feel made the biggest difference are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc.

  2. Biofilm Busters: Biofilm likes to keep you sick. It protects the infections (viral, bacteria and even candida). Monolaurin and Biocidin were some of the biofilm busters she used.

  3. Ozone Therapy:Ozone therapy was a GAME CHANGER! A little controversial but helps kill infections, detoxify the body, modulate the immune system and oxygenate the body. Natasha did this via IV therapy and rectal insufflation.

  4. IV Nutritional Therapy: Myer’s Cocktails were a life saver on the days Natasha felt bad. If you do nutritional deficiency testing (I like Genova’s NutrEval Test) you can fine-tune your IV therapy.

  5. Rife Technology: Rife therapy is another tool in the toolbox we used to help go after the virus. Rife therapy has been used since the 1920’s for cancer treatment. There are many companies you can choose from but we have the TrueRife machine and recommend it to all patients. I like the way you can customized the frequencies based on the condition you are working on. You can also create custom frequencies (typically done by a doctor who scans your body first).

Think of Your Therapies as Tools

The more tools you have at your disposle, the faster you will be able to heal. You don’t have to buy all of the technology, as some clinics offer the use of therapies like ozone and Rife technology at the clinic.

However, we wanted to be able to do therapies whenever we wanted and not have to travel to our clinic.

We travel a good bit (we have Sprinter van) and take our portable ozone generator with us in case Natasha has an off day and needs a boost = OZONE to the rescue!

Earlier in the article, I mentioned these therapies changed my Natasha’s life. Those are powerful words and the proof is growing inside of her as I type this article. We are expecting our first child in 5 weeks.

There was a point in time when we didn’t think Natasha would be healthy enough to conceive, much less carry to full term.

Her hard work paid off, and the next chapter in our journey is about to begin!


If you have questions about anything mentioned above, schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s chat.

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