Lyme’s Disease is Scary…

Lyme’s Disease is Scary…
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Last Thursday, my better-half, Natasha, and I were headed to the airport for a quick trip to Mexico.  We had to stop by the bank on the way to move some money around for a new investment property we were trying to buy (if you love real estate, talk with me about ways to invest J).  As we were chatting with a representative, I reached down to scratch my leg, and felt a little bump.


It was a tick, sucking my blood!!!

In horror, I saw the little tick blowing up like a balloon, full of my blood!  I quickly scraped it out (yes, I did get the head out) …and called a good friend of mine, Dr. Joe Murphy, in Newport Beach, CA.

Dr. Murphy specializes in treating patients who have Lyme’s Disease.  Dr. Murphy told me to get on antibiotics, ASAP.  The only problem, I was headed out of the country!

Did you know that you may buy prescription medications from the pharmacias in Mexico, very cheap!!??  Well, I stocked up on antibiotics, even though I am not a fan of them.  Remember, there is a time and place for medications.


Have you felt like “junk” on antibiotics?

WOW!  Two days into my vacation and I was lying in bed, feeling as if a truck hit me.  I am very sensitive to medications, and the antibiotics were kicking my behind.  I decided to back the dosage down, so I wouldn’t ruin our vacation.

Now that I am back in the states, I am ramping up the antibiotic usage, and feeling the same crummy feeling, but…I don’t want Lyme’s disease.


Should you take probiotics while taking antibiotics?

This is where a feel a lot of patients will probably drop the ball, unknowingly.  Keep in mind, antibiotics are there to kill off the bad guys, but they will also kill off the good guys (good bacteria that help to digest, absorb, and eliminate waste).

I have always had mixed ideas about taking probiotics while on medications.  I have read that it doesn’t do any good, others say it is necessary…however, since I am a little anal about the GI system functioning properly, I am taking them concurrently with the anti-biotics.


What else should you do to help the gut lining stay healthy?

Besides taking my probiotics, I am also taking a gut repair product, called Repairvite, from Apex Energetics.  Premier Research Labs (PRL), makes a product called Immunoven, which I have used with patients to raise their white blood cells.  These are my new Tic Tac pills, as I am popping these during the day to help my immune system do its job.


Do I have Lyme’s Disease?

I am doing everything in my power to prevent Lyme’s Disease from “turning on”.  I am, by no means, a Lyme’s Disease expert, which is why I consulted one ( Dr. Murphy, ) I have referred many of my own patients to Dr. Murphy when we realized they had Lyme’s Disease.

I can tell you this, if you have ever been diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease, and were not properly treated, it can lead to some very troubling and dangerous health conditions (think autoimmunity and even cancer).


How do I know if I have Lyme’s Disease? 

There are specific tests to check for Lyme’s Disease.  Dr. Murphy has his favorite company (IGEnX, complete Lyme Panel), as I am sure other doctors have their favorite companies.  One classic symptom: major joint pain, worse in the AM, that hits you in random areas, unrelated to any injuries.

You can have joint pain because of other health conditions, as well, so you can’t definitively say you have Lyme’s Disease with that symptom.  However, anytime a patient consulted with me, and they shared those symptoms, my first thought has always been Lyme’s (and I haven’t been wrong since J).

Now that I scared you enough to make you think you have Lyme’s Disease (joking)…make sure when you go camping to follow these steps (which I didn’t do):


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me:

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