Food sensitivities, Lifestyle Changes and Children Eating Healthy

Food sensitivities, Lifestyle Changes and Children Eating Healthy
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Food Sensitivities, Lifestyle Changes and Children Eating Healthy!


Earlier this week, I sent an email asking everyone to send in questions they would like me to cover on my first webinar.  I had an overwhelming response to that email, to the point I believe we will have a couple of webinars based off the questions that came in, ranging from: food sensitivities, lifestyle changes and children eating healthy.


It can be difficult for me to come up with topics that YOU may want to hear, or read about.  So, thank you for submitting your questions.


I Want to Answer Some Questions Now!


Question:  Can a person overcome autoimmune illness WITHOUT changing their diet?


Answer: I highly doubt it!  I will go as far as saying, absolutely NO WAY!  I will elaborate:


Autoimmune conditions are triggered, or turned on, for several reasons, and one of them is food sensitivities.   Through science, we know that certain foods have molecular structures that are similar to organ tissue.  A great example of this is thyroid tissue and gluten.  The molecular structure of gluten is very similar to thyroid tissue.  Autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s Disease) patients will react to gluten, and when this happens, the body not only goes after destroying the gluten substance in the body, but the immune system also attacks the thyroid gland.

Some doctors call it mimicry, and it happens with other foods that are considered cross-reactive (i.e. rice, buckwheat, and quinoa, to name a few).


Question:  Can autoimmune conditions be managed without healing the gut?


Answer: Again, I highly doubt it.  Why?  80% of the immune system is located in the gastro-intestinal tract.  Once this gets broken down, autoimmune conditions, even cancer, can turn on.  If the GI lining is broken down, you must heal the lining in order for the immune system to stop attacking the body.


Keep in mind, in order to heal the GI lining, you must stop poisoning it.


“But Dr. King, I don’t drink poison!”  Cool, but foods and medications can be poison as well.


Almost everyone knows that antibiotics can destroy the stomach and the gut.  Too much Mortin will eat a hole into the stomach.  If you break down the stomach and gut lining, your body WILL NOT heal.


Question: How long do I have to stay away from inflammatory foods?


Answer:  I will be very honest, I have NEVER understood this question.  If you understand that inflammatory foods break the body down and cause inflammation, WHY would you want to add those foods back in?


I know, I know…because those foods taste good and they are easy to cook/buy.  But my goodness, why put poison back into your body that contributed to destroying the body in the first place?


I compare it to alcoholics (my uncle was an alcoholic and drank himself into a brain aneurysm, so this hits close to home).  Imagine this: an alcoholic destroys their liver to the point they need a new liver, and they are LUCKY enough to somehow get a liver transplant because they sobered up…but, they went back to drinking with the new liver.  Tis Tis!


You can probably see the correlation.


Diet = D.I.E.


No one sticks to diets, and I hate using that word.  I like to tell patients to focus on their lifestyle.  If you begin to change your habits, those habits will turn into long term changes within you.


Here is one example: Our culture seems preoccupied with instantaneous results.  For example, we can jump on the internet and find answers to most questions, without ever picking up a book and reading.  AND…this can be done on a phone!


Patience is a Virtue…and Not Many of us Have it!


Healing takes time!  The body didn’t break down over night, or over a period of a month, so don’t expect it to heal in that time frame.


Crazy story…I spoke with a patient today, and I asked her questions about her health history, and she tells me that she had been asking her doctor to look deeper into her thyroid condition for almost 10 YEARS!!!!  She had been struggling with weight loss for 10-years and she had a feeling her thyroid played a role.  Guess what?  She was right!  She has Hashimoto’s Disease.


Not only that, but when she was 21-years old, she had a partial hysterectomy due to cancer!  She is now in her mid-30’s, and I am going to help heal her body from damage that was created when she was in her teenage years!  Unbelievable!


The body doesn’t heal overnight!


Question: Is it problematic to put my healthy children on a gluten free diet?


Answer: I am not trying to be a smart-butt with this answer, but I don’t let my French Bulldogs eat gluten!  Heck, I could eat their dog food, it is that healthy.


Gluten, in our country, is genetically modified to the point that our body does not recognize it as normal “food” anymore, but a foreign invader.


Wheat has been hybridized (genetically modified) to keep pests/insects from destroying the crop, to produce a greater yield, due to supply and demand.  The herbicides and pesticides that are used on the wheat crops, to also help protect the crop, are toxic to our body.  Now imagine giving toxins to young children, who are still growing and developing.  How about just a little tiny amount, the size of a pen point?  No, not even the tiniest amount?  If you are letting your child eat wheat in the states, you are essentially doing this.

Remember, I grew up in the country and was surrounded by farmers’ fields…I know what goes on.  Heck, my father was a crop duster for years before he was in the military!  He was contributing to our very demise!


White Bread vs. Others…


I will make a deal with you, I can live with your children eating WHITE bread, not SPROUTED or 100% WHOLE GRAIN, as long as the bread’s expiration date is the same as it’s manufactured date.


I will say that a different way.  Your child can eat bread if it was cooked that same day, make sure it is sourdough.  Why?  Because of the process fresh bread goes through.  The rising, fermentation, of the bread helps to break down lectins in the wheat (what people react to), along with bacteria.  You will find certain bakeries open at 4:00 AM, preparing their day’s bread.  Once they are out, they are out.  Heck, some bakeries will not sell you day old bread because it is already spoiling.


Now that is some good bread.


Would I prefer your children stay away from bread all together?  Yes.  I would much rather you guys go to Italy and pig out on all the bread, croissants and pies (pizza) that you want.  Why?  Their wheat is substantially different than our wheat (healthier, and I know this first hand).


Hungry, yet? 


Where does this leave us…well…. hopefully, with a little more clarity than before.  However, I will go into more depth with these same questions on our webinar.


Don’t worry, I will send out links next week for the webinar, but it will be on Thursday evening at 7:00 Central (and it will be recorded for those that can’t make the live event).


25 spots available


For my first webinar, it is limited to 25 attendees!  Why, because these dang webinar companies charge an arm and a leg to host these gigs.  With that being said, if I have a huge demand, I will increase the number of attendees (more cost for me, free to you J).


For right now, it is open to the first 25 people to log on.  DON’T WORRY…I will send out more information next week.  The benefit of being on the webinar, you will be able to submit LIVE questions!


Keep an eye on your inbox early next week for the information on how to log on, LIVE, to…


Dr. King’s Life Changing Webinar Series






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    Dr. King,
    So much great information. I remember how much better I felt after starting your program. Years later, having abandoned healthy eating habits I am paying the price in symptoms. Where can I find the food chart ( do”s & donts) ?
    Thank you for continually sharing your expertise.

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