Does Your Thyroid Gland Need To Be Removed?

Does Your Thyroid Gland Need To Be Removed?
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Does Your Thyroid Gland Need To Be Removed?


In the last two days, I had two patients contact me, asking if their thyroid gland should be removed.


Patient #1


Years ago, after the doctors first told her she had hypothyroidism, then hyperthyroidism, and finally, the correct diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease (4 years after the original, incorrect diagnosis)…the doctors told her “eventually, you will need to have your thyroid gland removed”!




Do you want to know the answer?  It is quite simple, really.  I do not mean any disrespect to the endocrinologists out there, BUT…most have not a clue on managing Hashimoto’s Disease.  Their training is in writing prescriptions or surgery.  Endocrinologists are NOT trained in managing autoimmune disease of the thyroid, naturally.




Dr. King, are you saying there are ways to control the attacks, Naturally?  Yes, I am!


Patient #2


I have helped this patient manage her thyroid condition for almost 6 months.  Her doctors told her she needed surgery because there are nodules on her thyroid.


Just because there are nodules, does NOT mean the thyroid needs to be removed.  She sought my care to help prevent her thyroid from being cut out.  My goal was to keep the nodules the same in size, or see them decrease in size.  Either situation, I told the patient, would be a WIN!


Results of the second ultrasound…no changes in size!  Great!  That is a win.  Sometimes the nodules will not shrink in size.  Have I seen that happen?  Yes.  Does it happen on every patient?  No.


This patient did NOT have Hashimoto’s Disease.  Her antibody levels have been negative each time I have checked.  The thyroid markers (TSH, T4, T3, fT4, fT3, FTI, and T3U) were all perfect!  Her WBCs look great (her immune markers).


So, why perform a thyroidectomy?  “Just in case there is cancer” the endocrinologist says.   Which, I do understand their thinking, as they can’t guarantee there is not cancer in the thyroid gland’s tissue.  However, they can’t guarantee that when they remove the thyroid, everything is fine, either.


So, the options are:

  • Remove the thyroid in hopes it removes cancer
  • Remove the thyroid, and if there is not cancer, great! But now, you have one less organ, and vital organ at that.

Hmmmm…I am not an oncologist, but I want to keep as many organs as I was born with.  Don’t you?


Scare Tactics


But, those doctors can be very convincing; sometimes, going as far as telling patients they will not continue seeing them as a patient if the patient does NOT have the surgery!


Doctors dismiss patients all of the time because the patient decides to not have a surgery (un-needed surgery).  Are you FREAKING kidding me?


What about CANCER, Dr. King?


Great questions.  A biopsy was performed on Patient #2.  Results, inconvlusive.


With cancer, there are typically, RED FLAG markers that give doctors warning signs about cancer.  In this patient, nada.  Nothing!  No red flags at all.


Do I think it is cancer?  No.  Do I think she should have her thyroid cut out?  No


A similar situation happended with my mother years ago.  She had a full body scan done at her local doctor’s office.  They saw something on the scan that made them feel as if my mother had cancer!


That was a horrible call to be on the other end of!  It was NOT cancer!  They freaked my mother out for nothing.  Her blood work came back, almost perfect.


Do Not Let Them Scare You


Listen, it happens, more than you know.  I have had too many patients crying, literally, crying to me that the doctor scared them.  In a lot of the situations, the doctors were completely in the wrong.  Completely!


Please, get a second opinion, third opinion, heck, even a forth opinion of necessary, but don’t let them just cut your thyroid gland out.  CALL ME, if you need someone to discuss this with.

But, Dr. King, I Already Had My Thyroid Removed!


It is ok. You can still live a NORMAL life, even though you do not have your thyroid gland.  My father is in the same boat.  His doctors “accidentally” destroyed his thyroid when he went through radiation years and years ago for throat cancer.


How Is Your Dad Doing?


He regularly cycles 100-200 miles per WEEK!  Oh, he is 69 years old!  How many 69-year olds do you know logging those miles on bicycle?  Not many!  My father is in great shape, as I have helped to manage his health for almost 11 years since his cancer.


He takes a natural T3 product, and I check his thyroid markers every 3-months.


Oh, he is also a pilot that fights those gigantic fires you see on TV.  Still kicking behind at 69-years old.


What to Do…


If you are going through a similar situation, and your doctors are pushing to have your thyroid/part of your thyroid removed, give me a call and let’s talk.  You may have other options.


Don’t let the doctors scare you.  Not everyone needs to have organs removed.  Call me and we can discuss things further: (866) Drking-1

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