Do You Have Expensive Urine?

Do You Have Expensive Urine?
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Do You Have Expensive Urine?


Did you know that many patients I consult with have very expensive urine?  These patients are taking amazing supplements, but their body is urinating them out!  Why? 


They are not absorbing the nutrients from the products, and the nutrients are simply going down the toilet!  Before I go any further, if you have been following my blog posts and social media, I bet you can tell me why? 


Leaky Gut Syndrome


A few blog posts ago, I discussed LGS and what it is, the causes, and how to fix it. 


CLICK HERE to read that article


Well, if you have LGS, not only are you creating inflammation within your body, you are not absorbing your vitamins and minerals.


10-30 Different Supplements


I kid you not, I have had patients show me grocery bags, full of supplements.  The record…36 supplements!!!  This patient was taking 36 different supplements, daily, and she had been doing that for years.


Let’s just say that the average supplement costs $13.00 (yes, I realize most are much more expensive than that), that is almost $500/mo of supplements she was ingesting!!!  And guess what?  She had LGS!!! 


Do you think she reaped the benefits of those supplements?  I bet not!  I, jokingly, told her to bottle her urine and sell it!  I know…I know…


Let’s rewind some to what LGS is.  LGS is where your gastro-intestinal lining has been breached (infections, medications, food sensitivities, and hormones can be the causes) and now undigested foods, medicine, and/or supplements are slipping past the gut barrier and causing inflammation.


Not only that, but your body wont absorb the healing nutrients from your food, not to mention your supplements. 


Binders and Fillers


Be careful with what products you buy and take.  A lot of supplement companies do NOT have stringent quality control systems in place.  The ingredients that some companies use may be sourced from sub-standard 3rd parties. 

Some products may contain lots of binders and fillers.  Binders and fillers are used to help package the tablets/capsules.  Some of these binders/fillers are inflammatory to the body, especially, autoimmune patients.


Here are some key binders and fillers to keep an eye out for:

  • Magnesium stearate (unless the label specifically says, vegetable)
  • Silicon dioxide – this is essentially beach sand, and likes to clog up the liver
  • Artificial flavors or coloring – if you see a number, preceded by a color (ie. Red 40), stay far away
  • Corn oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Corn starch
  • Modified corn starch
  • Ingredients that you can’t pronounce
  • Or…a laundry list of ingredients. The fewer the better!


What Companies to Trust?


Here are some of my favorites:

  • Apex Energetics – I LOVE their quality control
  • Premier Research Labs – The quality control is great, and so are their ethics
  • Standard Process – Known for being “whole foods”, these products are easily absorbable
  • Neurobiologix – No other company, that I know of, dives into genetic mutations the way these guys/gals do
  • Nordic Naturals – High quality Omegas…I use these myself
  • Biotics Research – I love their thyroid supplements, and Pea protein.


This is not an exhaustive list, by any means, but these are the companies I cherry-pick from.  I am not married to one supplement company, by any means.  Some companies are great at producing thyroid support, while others are fantastic at making liver support.  Each company has wonderful products, and over the years, I have formed my opinion on which product works best for certain conditions.


How Do You Know Supplements Work?


Testing, testing, and more testing!  Remember, lab tests do not lie (as long as you know how to read them correctly)!  There are companies, like Great Plains Laboratory, who check, what seems like hundreds of vitamins and minerals, to see what you may be deficient in. 
You can do before and after testing (I use to do this with every patient when I started working with chronic health conditions), which can be a little expensive, but at least you KNOW, for certain, the changes that have taken place. 


Plus, I use, along with my family members, a lot of the companies listed above, daily!  I only want the best, purest, cleanest product going into my body, and I feel the same for you patients.


Do I have to Take Them Forever?


I hear this question, quite a bit.  I understand why people think this way.  Heck, I use to think this way.  Let’s explain it this way…if you are sick (your body has broken down), you will need more supplements, more frequently, to help heal your body than someone who is NOT sick.


Once you are healed, I don’t expect a patient to need the same amounts of supplements as they did in the beginning. 


At a certain point in time, I would expect to level out the amounts and frequency of the products you are using.


Can’t I Just Eat Healthy?


Sure, and you should!  However, the quality of foods now-a-days is poor.  Not to mention, very few people eat enough veggies throughout the day (where we get most of our amino acids from).  Heck, most patients don’t even drink enough water (hint: increase your water intake to half your body weight in ounces…your body will LOVE me for telling you that).


This means, we need to rely on supplements to pack some of the vitamins and minerals in.  For example, Vitamin D…almost 60% of Southern California residents are Vitamin D deficient!  I have analyzed blood work from patients that spent most of their day outside, in the sun, and they were still low on this critical vitamin (it is actually a hormone, but I am getting side tracked).


Back to the Expensive Urine


With all this being said, I highly recommend that you work with a doctor that understands gut health and LGS (remember, I had this growing up).  If you are tired of trying to get your doctor to listen to you, contact me, I can help! 


We will schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss what is ailing you.  If I feel, I may be of help to you, then we will go to the next step, which may be some blood testing. 


Your life is too important for you to be sick and struggling with a health condition.  Call now: (866) 375-4641!





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