Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Condition, Test for Lyme Disease!

Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Condition, Test for Lyme Disease!
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For years I have worked with autoimmune patients to help them get to the root of the AI condition.

Lately, I have been finding more and more Lyme Disease in those who have previously been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. 

Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis are two conditions that raise a reg flag for me. When I hear the diagnosis of either, I immediately begin suspecting Lyme Disease.

Not All Lyme Testing is Created Equal

Lyme Disease is not the easiest condition to diagnose. Apart from symptoms ranging wildly, conventional lab tests are not specific or sensitive enough to find the disease in many cases.

Symptoms such as chronic fatigue, unexplained joint/muscle pain, constant brain fog, dizziness, vertigo, GI distress, anxiety and depression are all warning signs. 

Who Should You Test Through?

When I combine those symptoms with having a previous diagnosis of an autoimmune condition, I recommend testing for Lyme Disease in many patients.

The gold standard for Lyme testing has been IGeneX. A typical Western Blot test from Kaiser is not sufficient, which is why specialized labs like IGeneX have been helping to properly diagnosis Lyme patients for years.

Immuno Sciences Lab is another great lab that I have used in the past. I tested Natasha through them years ago.

Now, we have a new lab that is at the forefront of Lyme testing, Vibrant Wellness.

Vibrant is the only lab to have completed all four rounds of CDC sample validation, including both non-blinded and blinded sample verification.

Plus, their accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity is much higher than other labs.

Using chip technology, they are able to have enhanced IgM testing for early detection of Lyme.

But, Dr. King I don’t remember being bit by a tick!

Not all patients who have Lyme Disease remember being bit by a tick, or getting a bull’s eye rash when removing a tick form their body.

I have a patient whose son has Lyme Disease that was passed through the placenta during pregnancy!

Some are even saying Lyme can be passed by mosquitos!!! I hate to think of this as I am a magnet for mosquitos.

One common denominator remains the same in most Lyme patients: they didn’t know they had it until years later after going from doctor to doctor, only to be told they have ‘X, Y, or Z’ condition.

If you are still struggling with a chronic autoimmune condition, reach out to me to discuss the possibility of testing for Lyme Disease.

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