Your Genes Can Trigger Chronic Health Conditions

Your Genes Can Trigger Chronic Health Conditions
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When dealing with a chronic health condition, have you ever wondered why your symptoms suddenly get worse? If you’re overwhelmed with brain fog, constant fatigue, or have been diagnosed with serious conditions such as cancer, MS, and autoimmune disease, realize there are many triggers that cause these to occur. Sometimes it feels as if these problems are gone one day and here the next. The truth is they usually stem from a combination of small mishaps in the body. The biggest predisposition that we have towards any health condition is our genes. Genes make up our composition and certain triggers turn different ones ‘on’ or ‘off.’ A part of our body often responsible for chronic health conditions are Methyl Groups.

Methyl Groups are tiny compounds in our body that are vital for cell production at the DNA level. DNA is where our genetic makeup is located, which in essence are our ‘genes.’ Contrary to belief, not all genes are good. Some genes are responsible for triggering serious health conditions such as thyroid dysfunction, cancer, MS, autoimmune disease and plenty more. In addition to the bad, we have many good genes that help keep us healthy. Tumor suppressing genes are an example, as they work to rid the body of malignant tumors. Methyl groups interact with genes and either turn them on or off. When you have sufficient methyl groups, good genes like tumor suppressor genes are turned “on” and bad genes, which cause health complications, are turned “off.” It is when methyl groups become depleted that an individual will see the onset of chronic health problems.

Regulating Methyl Groups in the body is closely tied with the presence of HCL (hydrochloric acid). HCL has a role of maintaining methyl groups and preventing their depletion. Hydrochloric acid is found in the stomach where it is used to break down food to pass into the bloodstream. Many patients who suffer from serious chronic health conditions are unaware of the problems present in this region of their body. When symptoms don’t get better or chronic health conditions all of the sudden appear, the stomach may be the culprit. If the stomach does not function properly, the body is depleted of HCL and food begins to rot in the stomach – causing acid reflux. This may seem harmless, but when examining the bigger picture, the depletion of HCL in the stomach leads to depletion of methyl groups as well. These methyl groups that were once promoting cell production in DNA no longer perform this function. At this point, chronic health conditions set in as good genes are turned off and bad ones are turned on. The goal for these patients is to get the stomach working so the body can regulate good and bad genes to right off serious health problems.

The body is a complex system similar to a puzzle. No one piece completes the puzzle, rather a collection of many pieces working together. To combat chronic health conditions, all organs must be working properly because other bodily functions are reliant on this. To diagnose a serious health condition, everything the body does must be taken into consideration. Something as tiny as a Methyl Group can be responsible for the onset of cancer. The depletion of Methyl Groups can stem from something as unnoticeable as acid reflux. If symptoms of chronic health conditions continue to get worse, or if they appear suddenly, it’s imperative to look at all possible triggers.

Methyl Groups often get overlooked, yet, their affect on 5he body is substantial. If you feel your doctors are not addressing your Methyl Groups, please call us at the Tustin Chronic Condition Center for a consultation: (714) 731-7680

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