Your First Steps After Being Diagnosed with a Health Condition

Your First Steps After Being Diagnosed with a Health Condition
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Your First Steps After Being Diagnosed with a Health Condition


“Dr. King…how do I figure out what my next steps are after my doctor diagnosed me with…?”


I am asked this question time and time again. One reason I do complimentary consultations before working with a patient is to make sure the patient has enough test results in order to develop the “next steps” for the patient.


In today’s “Teach Me Tuesday” I am going to lay out the tests I require patients have completed in order to answer the million dollar question…”what next?”


If you have been diagnosed with ANY health condition, these steps/tests will apply to you.


Do I think it is vital to have as many answers as possible?




Will your traditional doctor run these markers/tests?


98% of the time, NO!


Does that mean you MUST pay out of pocket for them?


YES! We did, and my patients do as well. It is a bummer, I realize, but the traditional medical model is NOT going to dig this deep into your health condition. If you REALLY want to get well, you will need to take the initiative to find these answers, and that requires coming out of pocket to pay for them.


Can you spend a TON of money running specialized tests?


YES! What I will share with you is the bare minimum. There are many other tests you could run, but lets try to keep the costs down as much as we can while obtaining as much valuable information as possible.




1️⃣️ Full Blood Panel: If you watched/listened to my webinar on ‘My Health Paradigm Shift’ you will understand what I mean by this statement: Blood results are the END RESULT.

If you haven’t watched/listened, here you go:


You may download a full list of blood markers I run on every patient below, for FREE!


If your doctor will not run these for you (believe me, it happens WAY more often than you think)…I can run them for you through my Co-Op. My Price: $230 Normal Cash Price: $1200 Normal Insurance Price: $2,000-3,000.


You can see the savings of going through a Co-Op to get your blood work drawn…$230 vs. $1200-3,000


2️⃣️ Genetic Test: This is the ‘Start’ ofy our health issues. It would make sense to look at what began your symptoms/condition.


There are many ways to obtain your genetic data. I am biased and like to use I know their testing procedures and validity of the results. Plus…we can obtain genetic markers that other companies do not test for.


Bare minimum to start, I recommend running this panel:…/7.htm My Price: $199


Eventually, I would recommend running the methylation panel: My price: $149 But, this will not be needed for roughly 3-4 weeks. So, you can save some money upfront.


3️⃣️ Organic Acids Test: This may be one of my favorite tests to run due to the amount of information that is obtained: My price: $249




Those 3 tests are extremely important to your healing process.


You may be adding those up in your add thinking, “Dr. King, that is $678 worth of testing!”


YEP! But is your health worth $678???


Do you think most chronically sick patients have spent $678 in co-pays to their doctors, on medications, on supplements, etc?


You bet they have!


Why not spend that money on tests that will give you REAL answers to why you feel crummy?


I recommend you look at these tests as investments in your health. Without them, you will be lost!


???????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


You now have the main tests I recommend for all my new patients.


Ask your current doctor about running these for you. If your doctor is unwilling to run them, find another doctor who will.


If you can’t find someone in your area, contact me. I consult with patients domestically/internationally.


I can help!


But, first…you need the answers to plan your next step!


Happy Tuesday!!


The Basic Blood Markers YOU MUST Have Your Doctor Run!

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