Why Is My Hair Falling Out

Why Is My Hair Falling Out
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Why Is My Hair Falling Out, Even if I am Taking My Thyroid Medications?


I have gotten this question several times lately.

Recently, my better-half, Natasha, started having lots of hair loss, fatigue and didn’t feel as if she was recovering from all of her traveling (she must fly a couple times per week with her job).

Let me back up a bit…a couple years ago, we discovered that our house had black mold in it.  I was getting sick a lot, and Natasha was starting to have chronic migraine headaches.

The kicker, we ate extremely healthy, exercised regularly, took our supplements like we were supposed to.  This is when we knew something else was going on.

Long story short, we moved two days after discovering the mold issue, and began our journey on healing our bodies.


Epstein-Barre Virus


Shortly after moving out of the mold infested house, Natasha began having severe fatigue.  She couldn’t walk up our flight of stairs without feeling as if she ran a 5K race (we were racing triathlons before the mold issue, so she was in good shape).  We had some blood work run, and discovered she had Epstein-Barre Virus (EBV).

A few months later, she recovered from the EBV, only for it to flare up again, a year later.  We sought out a mold specialist as we began to have suspicions that she had mold in her body and this was triggering the EBV flare-ups.  We saw a mold specialist who whipped us up some special homeopathic remedies to helps us both detoxify from the mold.

This helped, but shortly after, Natasha’s hair began falling out.  I ran some more blood tests and discovered she had Hypothyroidism.  Now, thyroid disorders run in her family, so we jumped on this as quickly as we could.


Hair Falling Out is an Indicator Something is Wrong


Besides continuing to detoxify the mold from Natasha’s body, I started her on natural thyroid support (desiccated glandular).  The thyroid support is T3, which is the active form of thyroid hormone.

Immediately, Natasha’s energy began coming back.  As I write this, we are two weeks into supporting her thyroid, and her hair loss is slowing down.


Dr. King, I have Tried T3 Support Before…


…and it didn’t help me.  One reason for the lack of improvement may be the fact that your body may not be absorbing hormones properly.

Why would your body not absorb hormones properly?  A few words: the liver and the Gastro-Intestinal tract (GI-lining).  I know, I know…I have mentioned these two organs before.  However, they are EXTREMELY important in hormone utilization.

How do you improve the functions of the liver and GI-lining?  Rather easily, but it does take some time.  I always start patients in the beginning by detoxifying the liver.  I have patients perform liver flushes, monthly, sometimes twice per month.

By improving your live’s function, you will improve your body’s ability to absorb hormone.  Keep in mind, your liver helps to keep inflammation down, utilize your B-vitamins (your energy vitamins), and female/male hormones.

How many flushes do patients perform?  Each patient is different, but I encourage patients to perform enough flushes until they have two flushes in a row without any toxins coming out.  Sometimes, that is three flushes, other times it may take eight-ten flushes to get all of the toxins out.

Don’t worry, I have a protocol that makes the flushes very productive, while not being too tough to go through.


What About the GI-lining?


The GI-lining takes about 90-120 days to heal, assuming there are not any infections (parasitic or bacterial) that need to be eradicated.

If there are infections, I give patients natural herbs that help to get rid of them.  Then, we start healing the GI-lining, using specific herbs that are known for healing the GI-lining.

In order for the GI-lining to heal, inflammatory foods must be eliminated, completely!  If you haven’t done so, download some of my recipes on the website.  I have put together some great ones to help the body heal.  Download the 10 breakfast recipes to help heal your thyroid gland disorder.

Follow-up blood tests are required to make sure the body is absorbing the hormones you are taking.  I like looking at the following two hormones, specifically, to see how T3 is doing: total T3 and free T3.

Most doctors only run TSH, T4 and maybe T3.  Besides those three markers, I look at fT3, T3U, FTI, rT3, along with TPO-ab and TBG-ab (the latter two are used to rule in/out Hashimoto’s Disease.


Shampoos and Conditioners


Besides your thyroid being the culprit for hair loss, make sure to check your hair products.  A lot of products contain inflammatory ingredients (wheat, corn, and parabens) that can cause hair loss.  These ingredients are absorbed by the pores in your head, causing inflammation at the hair follicle.

Ok, by now, you are probably wanting to know about what hair products are best.  While I am not an expert on shampoo and conditioner, I can give you some insight.
Make sure your products do NOT contain the following:

  • Parabens
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Artificial colors (red 20, blue 30, etc.)


One company, that a patient of mine, who had been a hair stylist for more than 20 years, turned me on to, is Oway.  You can read/watch a little more about these products here:



I hope this information may help some of you out there.  It IS helping Natasha, and that is why I believe in my healing protocols.


Would you like to schedule a time to speak and talk about your health condition? If so, please call my staff at (866) 375-4641 to schedule your complimentary phone consultation.  Allow 15-minutes for me to ask you a few questions to see if I may be the doctor that may be able to help you!  After speaking with you, I may suggest having some blood work performed, or, if you have recent blood work, I may ask you to send that over so I can review the lab tests/results your doctors have been running on you.


10 breakfast recipes to help heal your thyroid gland disorder

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4thoughts onWhy Is My Hair Falling Out

  1. Elizabeth McGlone on

    Great article. Thank you for posting it because it gave me the answers I was looking for – after scouring the Net for who knows how many hours. I’ll definitely come back; got you bookmarked. Thanks again!

    OneDayTop recently has posted for HEALTH : WEIGHT GAIN MAY THE CAUSES OF HEART FAILURE

  2. Charlotte on

    I have hypothyroidism which led me to stage three kidney disease. What can I eat ? The diet for one goes against the other.

    • askdrking2 on

      You are correct…you can’t eat much protein. I would eat more of a pescatarian style diet. Eating more veggies with a little fish thrown in. My fiance and I did this (she has Hashimoto’s Disease) and felt great!!!

      You can always add in a little plant based protein, as that wont be as hard on the kidneys as animal based protein.

      Thanks for the questions!

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