What To Do Before Getting Pregnant When You Have a Thyroid Condition!

What To Do Before Getting Pregnant When You Have a Thyroid Condition!
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Let me start by saying, I don’t feel I am completely comfortable writing this article.  Why?   I am not a parent, yet! Well, do two cute French Bulldogs count?

Although we may only have 4-legged furry kids, I want to share what Natasha and I are doing prior to her getting pregnant. 

I hope this will help some of you that may be in a similar boat to us. 

Quick story…

Natasha has Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune condition of the thyroid gland.  There are multiple reasons this condition turned on: genetics, weakened immune system, chronic mold exposure, Epstein Barr Virus, emotional stress and physical stress.  If you add up all those triggers, you have the makings of an autoimmune condition.

Fast forward several years and we have diligently been working on the following health issues:

Detoxification – Binding and carrying the mold toxins (mycotoxins out of her system) out of her body, along with heavy metals, which Natasha test positive for.  Genetically, Natasha is a slow detoxifier and needs help getting the bad stuff out.

Killing off Epstein Barr Virus – The traditional medical model will tell you that killing viruses is not possible.  Well, I beg to differ.  Between using Ozone Therapy and Rife Technology, this is possible!

Supporting the thyroid – Natasha takes thyroid support every other day (we were able to fine tune this dosage with follow-up lab tests).

Keeping an eye on her female hormones– We check Natasha’s hormones every 6 months to make sure they are “looking good”.

Killing any candida, bacteria, and parasites – Natasha grew up vegetarian and loved sweets and fruit.  If you take her history of antibiotics and carb loading for endurance sports, you have a breeding ground for candida to take over.  She had the highest candida markers of any patient I have ever tested. 

And…she LOVES sushi.  Recently, on her birthday we ate at a wonderful, high-end sushi restaurant.  BAM!!!  She picked up a critter and battled major bloating and gas for almost 2-weeks as we worked on killing the little suckers.

Layers of an Onion

I like the analogy of our body healing similar to peeling back layers to an onion.  You peel one layer back, but there is another layer staring you straight in the face.  Our bodies are very similar, especially when you are dealing with an autoimmune condition.

This process takes time, and a lot of hard work. 

Many of you have, and I am positive about this, have wanted to throw in the towel on multiple occasions.  How do I know?  Natasha has ridden the same roller coaster ride as you. 

Emotionally, healing the body takes a toll on you, and your loved ones.  Autoimmune conditions, mold toxicity, chronic viruses/infections are very difficult to work with.  They will be frustrating at times, and you feel as if all the hard work you are doing is for nothing. 

Good days are limited, and your bad days seem to be never ending.  Hang in there, this will begin to shift, and your good days will soon outnumber the bad.  I see this happen with every single patient.   


If you are starting out on your healing journey, I recommend you looking into the following areas of your health:

Your gut: Infections will prevent you from healing and weaken the immune system.  Clear your gut of any infections you may have and begin patching up that lining.

Nutritional Deficiencies: This goes hand and hand with the gut, but if you are low in A, C, D and E, you need to increase your levels.  Running low on energy, maybe you are deficient in your B vitamins.  This is where nutritional IVs come into play, and why I recommend them to my patients.  If you have chronic GI infections, which most AI patients do, you will have nutritional deficiencies.

Toxins: If you know you have lived in a moldy environment, check for mycotoxins in your system.  If there, detox, detox and detox some more.

Lyme Disease: Are you an avid outdoorsman/woman?  You may want to check for Lyme Disease as this can be a trigger for many autoimmune conditions and thyroid dysfunction.  Don’t rely on the “I have never had a bull’s-eye rash…” mistake.

Run Epstein Barr Virus markers – I see this infection in a TON of thyroid patients.  Did you have Mono when you were younger?  If so, you MUST check for EBV.  Chronic fatigue not improving?  Check for EBV!  Can’t recover after exercise?  Run your EBV markers.

Look at your genetic mutations – Can you detoxify your body well?  Do you make glutathione properly?  Are you gluten sensitive?  Can you methylate well?  Genetic testing will let you know what you may need to work on.

Follow up on your thyroid/hormone testing: Always keep an eye on your body.  If you are working diligently on improving something, check to make sure your hard work is paying off.

Stay the course: Don’t give up, the battle is worth it.  I love having my wife “back”!

The Steps Work

While Natasha and I don’t have a “little one”, yet.  Many of my patients do because of the above steps.  Some of those parents have autoimmune/thyroid conditions like many of you.  It is possible to have a healthy baby, even if you have not been healthy in the past.

Stay the course!

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