What is Holding You Back from Being Healthy?

What is Holding You Back from Being Healthy?
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I am going to share something with you…I have cheated!

I have cheated many times, by ordering Domino’s Pizza! Yes, I admit it, I love pizza. Greasy, cheap, delivered-to-your door, pizza! Am I the only one?

Maybe your cheat food isn’t pizza. Maybe it is ice cream, pastries or even a ton of carbs that you wont burn off the next morning.


My question is this: what are you unwilling to give up, to be healthy?

I gave up ordering Domino’s Pizza two years ago. Let me tell you why. Anytime my better-half, Natasha, would go out of town for work, I viewed it as my time to sneak some pizza, while I binge watched House, M.D. on Netflix.

The problem was, I would feel horrible for two days after. I mean, I would be in bed recuperating for those days. I would push myself through work, only to come and crash. If I had a day off the following day, I would lay on the couch with tissue surrounding me (still watching House, M.D.).

The funny part to this whole story was I would get busted every time I cheated. I would try and put the pizza boxes at the bottom of the garbage bin, piling other trash on top. To no avail, my secret was never safe.


What are you doing, deliberately, to sabotage your own health?

I knew eating that delicious, cheesy (sometimes to make myself feel better I would order without the cheese) pizza was going to cause inflammation, affecting my gut and sinuses.

How does your vice, affect your health? And…why are you still doing it? Is eating poorly, purposely, affecting your ability to move forward with improving your health condition? If so, what will it take for you to stop continuing down this path?


Free Recipes to Get You on Track!

Click the link below, and you will receive some free recipes to help you get back on the right track. These are recipes that we use on a weekly basis.


One other idea: Get a good cookbook. Each week, your challenge is to pick one new recipe and cook it. If you like it, put a green sticky note (the little skinny ones) on the page. If you don’t, put a red sticky note. If you did that, consistently, for 1-3 months, you would have a ton of recipes that you could turn to each week, to help substitute those cheat meals.


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