What Are We Really Eating?

What Are We Really Eating?
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Yesterday, two patients asked me the same question, “Dr. King, why are the foods so bad for us now, when they were not bad for us years ago?”

Most of you know, that is a loaded question. The simple and short answer is this…our foods are now being GENETICALLY MODIFIED to the point where our bodies CAN’T break them down and assemble them. We are losing essential vitamins and nutrients in our foods. Supply and demand (and MONEY) is the reason companies are now doing this.

If one were to trace chronic health conditions back to when they first started appearing, one would learn that the farming industry really took off around that time (along with the demand for more food). Since then, foods like our grains have been genetically mutated and modified to the point our bodies don’t recognize them as food anymore, but as foreign substances.

Our immune systems then go on ‘high-alert’ and start declaring war on the substances, leading to destruction and inflammation. The substances, themselves, are inflammatory to our gastro-intestinal linings as well, creating irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut syndrome (a condition I personally grew up struggling with). If you have read any of the previous blogs were I have discussed our immune system, you will remember that our GI-system comprises 80% of the immune system, 80%!

Now, citizens of the United States are having to fight for our right to know what is in our foods, especially in California. Proposition 37 is devoted to just that. However, companies like Monsanto are throwing money around to vote against the labeling of genetically modified foods. They have contributed $4.2 million in this fight, along with other big money companies.

You see, companies like Monsanto are trying slide genetically modified foods into our grocery stores. AND, they think we have absolutely ZERO right to know!!!

Here is the link to some data where you can see who is fighting against our rights to know what we are feeding ourselves and our children…

Please SHARE with your friends and family members and help fight against companies like Monsanto!


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