Want Milk? Can’t have Dairy? Try homemade Almond Milk!

Want Milk? Can’t have Dairy? Try homemade Almond Milk!
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Want Almond Milk?

But you can’t have dairy? Try homemade Almond Milk!

Fresh, homemade raw almond milk is so simple to make. You may use your fresh almond milk for a substitute for anything that calls for milk. (smoothies/shakes, soups and many other dishes). You will never go back to buying store bought almond milk again!


1 cup raw organic almonds

Fresh filtered water for soaking nuts

3 cups of filtered water

2 dates

½ tsp vanilla or a few drops of liquid Vanilla Creme Stevia
1 Nut-Milk Bag
Let’s get started:

Begin taking the 1 cup of almonds and soak them in water for at least 6 hours.

After soaking the almonds drain the water and discard.

Place the soaked almonds, 3 cups of filtered water and dates in your Blender (Vitamix works best). Blend until completely smooth.

Poor into your nut-milk bag and strain the almond mixture into a separate bowl

Now you have Fresh Homemade raw almond milk!

Keep stored in the refrigerator for three to four days.

Note: We use our Vitamix Blender for everything in the kitchen. It is the most important pieces of equipment in our kitchen. You will never go back to your everyday blender after using one! We make soups, smoothies, sauces, desserts, dips and many more things. Give it a try!


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