Type II Diabetes is Completely Reversible

Type II Diabetes is Completely Reversible
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Type II Diabetes is COMPLETELY Reversible


I write a lot about thyroid gland disorders, but I have been getting more and more patients requesting help who are suffering from Type II Diabetes.  Did YOU know that Type II Diabetes is reversible?  I mean, completely reversible!!! 


How freaking cool is that!?  Why?  Because, if you reverse diabetes, or at least get it under control, you can help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease! 


Statistics are showing that Alzheimer’s Disease is on the rise, to the point that it will be right up there with cardiovascular disease and cancer in the next 20 years.


The sad part is that many doctors do NOT know how to “prevent” or “treat” Alzheimer’s Disease.


Finally, the medical model has publicly made a correlation between Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes: Alzheimer’s Disease is being called Type III Diabetes!


Blood Sugar is Key!


Check this out, and this may surprise MANY of you…



Besides insulin and other diabetic medications, what else do most diabetics get prescribed? 






Most diabetics have high cholesterol.  What do most medical doctors do when a patient has high cholesterol?  They put them on a statin. 


Statins lower cholesterol.  They do!  However, but they also lower the good cholesterol: HDLs.  Cholesterol, in general, makes up the membranes (walls) of your neurons (brain cells).  What happens if you lower cholesterol (some doctors are now wanting it below 150!!!)?  You start to degrade the neuronal membranes = neurons die off = pre-disposes the patient to memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease!!!




Read that paragraph again, please!  What I just told you is the cause of a TON of brain dysfunction in many, many, many diabetics.


Don’t get me wrong, not all diabetics develop Alzheimer’s Disease.  Not all diabetics get put on statins, but A LOT do!


You may be thinking, “the medical doctors, they…they, want us sick!!!”  I will let you be the judge of that one, as that gets into a big philosophical debate.


Controlling Blood Sugar


Many patients learn they are diabetic, or pre-diabetic, and try to control it through food.  Sometimes that works, but in a majority of the cases, the insulin receptors are fighting against them.


Visualize a blue circle, and on this blue circle are two little doors that are open.  Those doors represent what are called insulin receptors.  Most of you have heard of insulin, for those that have not, insulin is what carries glucose into the cell (in this case, the blue circle) to produce energy and keep you alive.


As long as insulin can carry glucose into the cell, everything is working great.  However, if those doors (insulin receptors) begin to shut, the insulin can’t get in.  Therefore, the glucose can’t get in!  This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the number one reason: eating infrequently and then bombarding the receptors with a TON of glucose and insulin at once when you scarf down that huge meal at Applebees!


When this happens, the body will convert your insulin to triglycerides!!!  This process, by itself is extremely inflammatory.  Now, if the insulin can’t get into your cells, your triglycerides begin to show high on a blood test, and along with triglycerides, your glucose will begin to show high on the blood test.


Sooner or later, your doctor diagnoses you with Type II Diabetes and prescribes you insulin/metformin/etc.


Welcome to PILL WORLD!


Open the Dang Doors, Please !


Ok, so you want to know how to open the insulin receptor sites again?  I use the following herbs:


  • Alpha Lipoid Acid
  • Choline
  • Fu-Ling Extract
  • L-Carnitine
  • Iositol
  • PABA
  • Vanadium
  • N- Acetyle L-Cysteine
  • Gymnema Extract


Along with vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese and chromium, and some other goodies that if I told you what they were, I would have to…just kidding…but, there are many other herbs I use. 


Don’t worry, these are all rolled into ONE pill.


I play with the dosages to determine what is working well for the patient, and eventually titrate down on the amounts I am using. 


Some patients may stay on a small dosage, and some patients are able to completely come off of them all together, once their blood tests stabilize.


Let’s Prevent Diabetes, First!


Here is a secret…I would much rather help someone prevent diabetes, then help them reverse diabetes!  Why?  It is easier!!!  Preventing diabetes costs less money and creates less damage to the body.


Did you know that in males, erectile dysfunction is very common to see with diabetes?  Along with kidney failure and loss of vision, in both sexes.


Diabetes destroys and destroys, BIG TIME!  Let’s prevent the destruction before it begins.


Ok, are you ready for the “secret” to prevent diabetes?  Are you sure? 


Eat a healthy and balanced “diet” (I really hate the word diet, anyhoo…)!  Eat smaller meals throughout during the day.  Limit your carbs (unless you are burning them off through exercise), increase your veggies, decrease the amount of red meat you consume, and drink plenty of water!


I know, it sounds too easy.  However, many, many Americans eat horribly!  If people would clean up their eating, we would have a lot less chronically sick patients in this country.


If you have been following my Facebook posts (make sure you are following Ask Dr. King on Facebook), you know that Natasha and I recently started a 30-Day Vegan Challenge.


Don’t worry…I will not make you eat like a rabbit, if you don’t want to.  But, I can tell you…I feel great!  Several of you know that I am cycling fanatic.  I have been racing mountain bikes, road bikes, and triathlon for many years…and several of you have seen the injuries that accompany those fun activities (cough cough).


Anyhoo…since starting my Vegan challenge, my performance on the bike has sky rocketed.  I can recover quicker on the bike (if you are a cyclist, you know what I mean by that), and my sore muscles the next day are almost non-existent.


For example, yesterday, in the Texas heat, I cycled for 4-hours, climbing for almost 4,000 ft.  Today, I didn’t even notice I rode yesterday my body felt so good. 


Is that due to eating more plants?  Personally, I think so.  I feel I am not as inflamed due to cutting out meats.


We did celebrate our 30-Day Challenge by having some wild caught Halibut this past weekend.  And get this, Natasha had a very difficult time consuming the fish (not me, HA).  She actually looked forward to getting back on the vegan “diet”.


One thing with vegans, vegetarians, and all the other crazy “diets” lack, quality B vitamins and/or essential fatty acids.  We have found that by adding those in, eating this way, we are not missing a beet (did you catch the joke?  Beet!  Corny…yeah yeah). 


Spread the Word!


If you know of someone that is struggling with diabetes, and they are DETERMINED to clean up their lifestyle and re-gain their health, have them call me: (866) Drking-1. 


WARNING: not many diabetics are willing to do what it takes to heal.  Someone must be committed to get this condition under control, as lifestyle, sometimes drastic, are required.


I spoke to two new diabetics today!  They are extremely excited about getting this condition under control, because they are both care takers for a parent, who is struggling with their health.  After taking care of their parents, these patients are bound and determined to be as independent as possible!


Do you think being hooked up to a dialysis machine takes away your independence?  You better believe it!  What about losing your vision to diabetes?  Or, how about losing a limb from an amputation (yes, I have worked with those patients before)?


So, with that being said…let’s make today be a new day…focused on your health…and let’s kick some behind!


Call me, (866) Drking-1, and I will help you get on the right track.





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