Thyroid Nodule Surgery

Thyroid Nodule Surgery
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What are thyroid nodules and do you need a surgery?

“My doctor says I have thyroid nodules, do I need surgery?”

I get this question A LOT! In order to answer the question, you must first understand what nodules are and why they develop.

Many times, thyroid nodules begin growing as an innate protective mechanism from your body to protect your thyroid gland’s tissue. What does that mean? Well, your body will do everything in its power to protect your thyroid from “bad guys“.

Who are the “bad guys”? Great question! A majority of the time, nodules grow in response to an autoimmune condition called, Hashimoto’s Disease. In my other blogs, you have learned that Hashimoto’s Disease is an autoimmune condition that attacks the thyroid gland. During the autoimmune attack, your body will try and grow a protective shield to protect your thyroid gland’s tissue from being destroyed.

Endocrinologists do a great job of making sure your nodule is not cancerous (the doctors typically biopsy the tissue). As long as the nodule is not malignant, and the size of the nodule is not causing difficulty swallowing or speaking, I don’t feel there is any major concern.

Thyroid nodules surgery?

If there is not a major concern, then why have thyroid nodule removal surgery? Trust me, surgery is NOT fun. I have had 35 major broken bones and 11 major surgeries. I avoid surgery at all costs, but sometimes it is necessary. With that being said, sometimes surgery is not necessary.

I feel that nodules, specifically due to Hashimoto’s Disease, are not worth having surgery. Not matter how small the surgery, there are risks involved.

If you are a patient that has been told you need surgery to remove a thyroid nodule, make sure your doctor has run your thyroid antibodies, TPO and TBG. If those antibodies come back positive, you have Hashimoto’s Disease. Remember, Hashimoto’s Disease is the most common reason for thyroid nodules. If you have this condition, then you must figure out how to control the autoimmune condition. In other words, go after the cause, not the effect. Because, if you have the nodule removed, and do nothing about the Hashimoto’s Disease, nodules can keep coming back.

In my next blog, I will discuss other reasons for nodules to grow on your thyroid gland. In the meantime, if you have nodules on your thyroid gland and have been told you need surgery, give me a call and let’s discuss your options (866) 375-4641 or schedule your complimentary phone consultation.


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