The Reality of Gluten Free

The Reality of Gluten Free
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The term ‘gluten free’ is a very popular trend at the current moment. Although gluten free diets are good, many of us are being lead down the wrong path.

The purpose of being gluten free is to eliminate many of the inflammatory foods commonly seen in normal diets. Inflammatory foods are linked to an array of chronic health conditions, not to mention they cause damage to the body. Part of why the gluten free trend is so popular is because it advocates eating healthy. Let’s face it, almost anything in our society that advocates a healthier lifestyle is an instant hit.

Herein lies the problem. Many people decide to follow gluten free diets religious and automatically think the term ‘gluten free’ means healthy.

We are being lead down the wrong path (somewhat) with gluten free dieting. Foods such as corn, buckwheat, quinoa and a few others are so closely related to the wheat molecule that oftentimes your body cannot tell the difference. Basically, your body treats them as if they where gluten, which causes the same reaction in the body as if you actually ate gluten. If you have sensitivities to these foods, it’s relevant to know they can be counterproductive to your gluten free diet. Although some foods say ‘gluten free’ they’re not always healthy in every sense.

In addition, corn poses a major issue with being ‘gluten free’. Corn is genetically modified and is widely accepted into gluten free diets. Across the board, corn causes trouble for the body. It cannot be broken down into nutrients because in most cases the body doesn’t even recognize it as food – it views it as a foreign substance. Although it’s gluten free, it’s not healthy.

Two things you should do as a gluten free enthusiast, and ESPECIALLY if you have a chronic health condition that isn’t getting better are: First, understand that not EVERYTHING gluten free is good for you. Inflammatory foods are still present in these diets. Second, find out if you have sensitivities to gluten related foods by having a doctor run food sensitivity tests. Work to eliminate these foods.

If you’ve never had a food sensitivity test or you feel that even though you are gluten free your health conditions are not getting better, call my office for an evaluation: 714-731-7680

Our goal is to improve the overall quality of life for chronic health patients. Remember, nothing will change until you do!


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