The GI System Affects Autoimmune Disease

The GI System Affects Autoimmune Disease
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An autoimmune disease, such as Hashitmoto’s Thyroiditis, is heavily impacted by gut health and the gastrointestinal tract. The GI tract consists of both the small and large intestines which constitute nearly 80% of the immune system. Therefore to help protect and fight autoimmune diseases, it is imperative to maintain a healthy gut.

There are many factors that negatively affect the health of the gut and impose future risk for autoimmune patients. The most common condition found in people is called Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is a precursor to immune dysfunction. Leaky gut is when the inner lining of the gut (the gut walls) becomes permeable and begins to leak. Undigested food, parasites, bacteria, heavy metals, and toxins then pass through the gut walls and into the blood stream which drives autoimmune disease.

In a normal human gut, the cells lining the intestinal wall act as a barrier that only allow properly digested food to pass through and enter the bloodstream. This is one of the main processes of how the body receives nutrients, so it’s vital that it functions correctly. The normal response to the passing of undigested food into the bloodstream is for the body to recognize the molecules as foreign substances and attack them with antibodies. A person with a leaky gut encounters this problem on a continual basis. When this occurs serious side effects become present. The undigested food continually passes through into the bloodstream and the body has to send antibodies to defend against what it considers to be an “intruder.” When the body attacks the food molecules in the blood, this exacerbates immune dysfunction and can cause an array of autoimmune diseases to occur.

Beyond all else, the presence of inflammatory foods prohibits the body from digesting food, especially in people suffering from a leaky gut. Inflammatory foods, most often gluten foods, irritate the gut lining and continue to destroy the stomach tissue.

In order to reduce the chances of autoimmune disease, the health of the gut is the primary focus. An integral part of maintaining and restoring gut health is through proper dieting and the stabilization of blood sugar in the body. This begins at the plate. What you eat plays a significant role in maintaining your gut. A poor diet can bring on inflammation in the body causing the tissue in the gut to break down. Improper blood sugar regulation affects the flow of blood and how nutrients are absorbed in the body. So, the first step to correcting these problems is to remove foods in your diet that are causing these chronic immune responses. Doing so will give the gut a chance to heal. A healthy gut will allow your immune system to fight against intruding bacteria helping to keep your body healthy.

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