The Controversy of Prescription Drugs

The Controversy of Prescription Drugs
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Oftentimes to fight chronic health conditions, doctors will put patients on several different prescription drugs. Many of these drugs have serious sides effects that lead to worsened conditions.

It is not uncommon for me to see patients in my clinic who are on 8, 9, even 10 different medications to treat, lets say Diabetes. What patients, and sometimes doctors, don’t realize is that those medications can actually be causing increased symptoms and might even be the cause of some conditions. A common scenario I see are diabetes patients on insulin medication that see their cholesterol levels rise due to the medication. Suddenly, to lower their cholesterol the doctor prescribes statins. This medication lowers both kinds of cholesterol, good and bad, simultaneously, yet the only kind that should be lowered is the bad. Hence why it’s called ‘bad’. Patients have to address replenishing their good cholesterol (HDL) otherwise they face more serious conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. To correct their low HDL levels it’s not uncommon to go on another medication, and so the cycle begins – taking more and more medication. Just think about how many side effects 10 different medications can have on the body.

Prescription drugs are not always the answer. It’s important to weigh the benefits AND the risks of taking them. More importantly its imperative to understand how they affect the entire body. They may alleviate one problem, but is that worth it when another one is created in its place?

If you are beginning to get on the cycle of taking more and more prescriptions, yet are still experiencing symptoms, call the Tustin Chronic Condition Center to find out your alternatives.

Remember, nothing will change until you do!


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