Red Velvet Deer Antler Saves French Bulldog

Red Velvet Deer Antler Saves French Bulldog
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Red Velvet Deer Antler Saves French Bulldog


Many of you know my dogs are my children.  Natasha and I will bend over backwards to help our little furry kidos.  Heck, for years my old French Bulldog, Thor, came to work with me.  Some of you had the privilege of meeting Capri and Titan before I moved to Texas.  For those that didn’t have the opportunity, Capri and Titan are our 2-year old Frenchies, and they came to work with me almost every day for many months.


2-weeks ago, I woke up and Titan, our little male Frenchie, didn’t want to walk.  He was fine before he went to bed, and woke up not walking.  Of course, this happened 6:00 AM on a Sunday = emergency vet.


After a quick visit with the local vet, she recommended 2-weeks of crating Titan, along with anti-inflammatory and pain pills.  She didn’t want to rush him to get an MRI (thank goodness, as they are about $2,200!!!), and didn’t think he was a candidate for surgery (like we wanted a $10,000 surgery).  X-rays would not have shown any disc issues, as an x-ray will only look at bone, not soft tissue such as a disc.




Talk about being stressed out.  Our best friends just went through this with one of their Frenchies, and she is permanently in a wheelchair now L  That is what we were envisioning for Titan.


So, about a week into keeping the little “nugget” in a crate (he did so well!), I decided to start giving him Red Velvet Deer Antler.


Red Velvet Deer Antler is something I have used to speed up recovery from broken bones, torn tendons and ligaments, and even just sore muscles.  Any athlete I work with that gets injured, goes right on the Deer Antler (unless they are a professional, in which case WADA, the governing body for performance enhancing drugs, deems Deer Antler to be illegal in professional sport).


I don’t think Titan will be asked to pee in a cup to see if he was “doping” after chasing his sister around the yard, anytime soon.


The Result?


I am 100% positive, that the Deer Antler is what started to turn his health around.  He was still having bad days, where he couldn’t walk, and was in obvious pain.  The first couple of days after the Deer Antler, he stopped having the “flair-ups”.


Getting my Boy Back!



He began walking again, feeling better, eating his food (oh boy…that is another story all together), and wanting to play.


Here we are, going on 2 ½ weeks of keeping him in his cage, not letting him run, picking him up to take him outside, but he is starting to do great.  Just today, I let him run around the back yard…but, only for 1 lap.  Then, it was back inside to rest.


So…not only does Red Velvet Deer Antler work for humans and our injuries, it works for French Bulldogs as well!!!


If you have an older animal, I would be really curious to see how this would affect them.  Lots of my patients have their animals on glucosamine (I did at one point as well with our older dogs).


Shoot me an email,, or message me on Facebook, if you have an animal that may need some good Deer Antler.


Just thought I would share our neat success story.




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