Holiday Season = Getting Sick! Not Anymore!!!

Holiday Season = Getting Sick!  Not Anymore!!!
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Holiday Season = Getting SICK!  Not Anymore!!!


Fall is officially here, and with that comes all the critters that like to bring us down.  We all know that getting sick during the holidays is the worst (I remember several years ago, barely being able to get out of bed at my father’s house for Christmas).


Most of us are traveling, visiting friends and families, and getting out of our normal routines during this time of year.  We all know what tends to lurk around the corner when this happens…getting sick! 


This year, how about avoiding falling ill, so you can spend more time doing what you want to do…enjoy life!


Recently, patients have been asking if I would put together a “wellness kit” to help them during the busy, holiday season.  Well…ask and you shall receive, as I have created two wellness kits to help support your immune system during this holiday season. 


“Stay Away Critters” Wellness Kit


This kit will include the one of the following:


  1. Liquid Vitamin D – I recommend 3 drops per day (6,000 iu), minimum, to keep your vitamin D levels where they should, higher if you are fighting something.
  2. Immunoven – One of my favorite immune supports, Immunoven is great at helping raise WBCs to fight off infections. This can be taken, 1 per day, as a maintenance, and can be increased if you happen to get “caught” with something (contact me for dosing)
  3. Nucleoimmune – Over the years, I have found this works GREAT, if you “catch” the cold early enough. Typically, patients will take this at the first sign of ANYTHING, or if someone in the house (spouse, child) are fighting something.  A lot of time, this will knock out the sickness before it sets in.  I recommend taking 6 pills per day (3 in the AM and 3 in the PM) until you feel better or the person(s) you are around is better.


Total: $59.95 (Saves $5.00)


“You Don’t Stand a Chance” Wellness Kit


This kit goes a little deeper with the protection that is offered.  You will get one of each product from the “Stay Away Critters” Wellness kit, PLUS…


  1. Greens Powder – While I LOVE juicing, not everyone has the time or likes to juice. Don’t worry, you can add a scoop of my favorite Greens Powder to any smoothie.  The best way to alkaline your blood is through eating/juicing greens.  An alkaline body has less chances of getting sick than an acidic body (GET MY  JUICING RECIPE AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE).
  2. Probiotic – Adding in some extra good bacterium to make your gut happy is another wonderful way to protect you from getting sick.  I recommend 1 pill per day.


Total: $139.00 (Saves $7.00)


If you order during the month of October…you will receive FREE SHIPPING…PLUS, some great recipes you can whip up to keep you nice and toasty during the cooler temps (hint…you will see a cook book coming soon, so you get some FREE recipes while they last!!!)


To order, you may call my staff: (866) 375-4641 or email your order over: 


All right, now…lets enjoy the rest of 2017, and have a great time traveling, seeing friend and family!

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