Gluten Free Spinach/Quinoa Cakes

Gluten Free Spinach/Quinoa Cakes
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Gluten Free Spinach/Quinoa Cakes


Are you tired of eating the same old snacks, day in and day out.  Well…me, too!  Today, I came up with a new twist on my spinach/quinoa cakes.  Plus, they are gluten, dairy and soy free (I don’t count eggs as dairy).


Here is how I made them:


Spinach cake:
Quinoa cake:
1 Avocado
1 Red onion – thinly sliced (1 slice per “cake”)
2 Pastured eggs

Bake your spinach/quinoa cakes in a toaster oven (or, the “big” oven). While this is warming up, slice a few pieces of your red onion (I place these directly on the cake), your avocado (placed on the onions), and begin heating your water to poach your egg.

I put a TBSP of vinegar in the boiling water and then crack open my eggs and drop into the boiling water.

Once your cakes are warm enough, and your eggs are done…layer your cake with the onion, avocado, and eggs.

I use cracked black pepper and pink salt on top of the egg!

I hope you enjoy!


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