Dr. King’s Webinar #1

Dr. King’s Webinar #1
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Dr. King’s 1st Webinar…Are You Ready?


The date is quickly approaching: Thursday, 24th at 7:00 PM Central.


Topics to be discussed:

  • Why eating “clean” is important to healing and surviving!
  • Can a person overcome (heal) their autoimmune condition by changing their foods?
  • How can I explain my lifestyle changes to my doctors without them thinking I am crazy?
  • I am on a gluten free diet.  Is there any harm in having my “healthy” children eating the same way?
  • What are the top 3-5 supplements we all should take to continue to ‘thrive and survive’?

Here is the cool part, the webinar will be on Facebook’s Livestream!  Why?  It is probably the easiest platform to use, for everyone.  Plus, most people all have Facebook accounts (if not, the webinar will be worth setting up an account 🙂  ).

How to Watch!

Super simple…just  Click Here  and you will be taken to my Fan Page, Ask Dr. King.  The video should be at the top of your screen (some people may have to scroll down just a little bit).


Now the fun part!  You can ask me live questions during the event.  If you can’t catch the live event, the videos will be saved for watching later…PLUS, you can even ask me questiond after the event when you are watching the saved video.


Pretty snazzy!


If you are not on my email list (which I send out reminders, recipes, etc.), notify me so you don’t miss out on all the great educational materials I have been pumping out.


I look forward to speaking with those attendees on Thursday night!





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