Do Thyroid Medications Really Help?

Do Thyroid Medications Really Help?
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Thyroid Medication! Are they good for me?

“Dr. King, I am Taking my Thyroid Medication, but I still Have Symptoms. What do I do?”

After working with thousands of thyroid patients over the last 10 years, I have heard this statement hundreds of times. If you are on your thyroid medication, and you are still having symptoms, keep reading this article…

Do Thyroid Medications Really Help?

Thyroid Medication serves its purpose, and there are times when medication is truly needed. In the case of low thyroid, medication is needed (now, there are natural alternatives to medication, but I will be going into those details in an upcoming article).

A lot of times, patients notice a big change in their hypothyroid symptoms when first starting the medication (some of the most common hypothyroid medications are the following: Synthroid, Levothyroxine and Armour). I like to call this the honeymoon period. After a while, however, symptoms begin slowly coming back. This could be the fatigue a patient first felt before starting their medication, sleeplessness, weight gain/loss, hair falling out, etc.

Two of the main reasons patients don’t utilize their thyroid medication properly are due liver and gastro-intestinal dysfunction.

Why would my liver and GI lining affect my thyroid?

Your liver helps to convert and utilize 60% of your T4 hormone to T3!!! 60%??? That’s right, 60% of your thyroid hormone utilization is dependent upon a healthy functioning liver.

How many times have you cleansed your liver? If you are like most patients, the answer is…never! Can you imagine never cleaning your lint filter in your dryer? Or, never changing your car’s air/oil filter? Your liver is your body’s big filter; it helps to detoxify your blood.

Your liver, also, plays a significant role in helping to get your T3 (the main active thyroid hormone) into your cells, in order to produce energy, run metabolism and feel well.

Your gastro-intestinal lining helps with another 20% of thyroid hormone utilization. This means, if you have any GI symptoms, you are not getting up to 20% of T3 hormone into your cells.

What do I do to help my body utilize thyroid hormone?

First, you will want to detoxify your liver. Before you freak out and tell me about all the scary stories you have read about on Google, here me out: if you prepare your body well enough, the liver flush will be easy on your body and very productive.

Those people that “jump” into doing a liver flush, can end up feeling sick, throwing up and not passing a lot of toxins.

I have my patients prepare for three weeks before their big flush day! Three week’s worth of preparation vs. a few days of preparation…this makes a big change in how one feels going through the flush.

I have had over 1,000 patients perform this liver flush. So far, so good

Now onto the GI lining!

This is a little more complicated than flushing out the liver. I must make sure that a patient doesn’t have any infections, first. If there are any bacterial or parasitic infections, those “bad guys” must be eradicated in order to help the heal GI lining.

Next, is the GI lining absorbing? This is called Leaky Gut Syndrome, or Intestinal Permeability. I grew up with this condition…it is not fun!

LGS/IP takes, roughly, 90-120 days to heal. This requires using specific herbs, along with probiotics, to heal. Along with changing one’s eating habits.

Healing the GI lining is one reason patients consult with me, as I see this in every autoimmune patient I work with.

What should you do now?

Unless you have been studying how to cleanse the liver and heal the GI lining, you may feel more lost now than before you started reading.

That is, ok! This is why patients consult with me. Feel free to reach out and contact me or call my clinic to schedule your complimentary phone consultation. We will discuss your thyroid condition (keep in mind, I work with hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Grave’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Disease).


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