Avoiding Inflammatory Foods

Avoiding Inflammatory Foods
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Inflammatory foods are one of the underlying causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome as well as the destruction of the stomach (gut) lining. Diet is the most important factor in maintaining gut health. In our bodies, the gut holds about 80% of the immune system. It’s very important to have a healthy gut in order to maintain a healthy life. Developing a plan that reduces the amount of inflammatory foods ingested into the body is the best way to stay healthy.

The term “dieting” can be a misleading topic in today’s health world. A proper diet, especially for someone who is suffering from something like Leaky Gut Syndrome, must take into consideration foods that are cause inflammation. The most common food group responsible for this is gluten (along with all of its derivatives).

The foods we eat now and the foods our grandparents ate are entirely different. Much of today’s food is genetically modified to the point where our bodies have difficulty recognizing it as food. Gluten foods have undergone massive amounts of genetic modification making them particularly difficult to break down and digest. A genetically modified food causes a number of health problems for the body – the most common being inflammation. Inflammation is a Leaky Gut patient’s worst nightmare because it doesn’t allow the gut to heal properly. Since gluten (basically wheat) has been associated with a vast amount of health problems, the gluten free diet has subsequently become popular.

Following a gluten free diet can sometimes be a tiny bit misleading. For example, many patients come to me who suffer from a leaky gut and say “Dr King, I have Leaky Gut Syndrome and I am gluten free, but I still have all these symptoms. What’s going on?” Unfortunately a piece to the puzzle is missing. I find they are unaware of all types of foods that cause inflammation. Four common foods, besides gluten, are: DAIRY, SOY, EGGS and RICE. However, a standard gluten free diet still incorporates corn, rice and buckwheat. These are cross reactive foods, that are so closely related to the gluten molecule the body cannot determine the difference. Eating them produces the same effect as eating gluten. Other foods that further perpetuate inflammation are nightshades, which include eggplant and peppers.

The biggest issue I see with patients is that he or she can be on a completely gluten free diet, yet, still be eating harmful foods unknowingly.

The methods to correct the ill effects of genetically modified foods and gluten is two-fold. The first is testing for food sensitivities. Many doctors will use the IgA test (immunoglobulin A) to look for gluten sensitivities. This test is accurate, however, lacks comprehensiveness. At the Tustin Chronic Condition Center we use a more thorough test, Cyrex Labs, which tests for gluten sensitivities and its derivatives. Establishing what foods are contributing to inflammation in a patient’s body often comes a surprise to the patient. However, without this knowledge it’s nearly impossible to make a positive impact. The second approach is to implement an anti-inflammatory diet. This type of program creates a customized food plan for each patient based on their test results. The goal is to have patients enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This process does exactly that and it also educates them in the process.

If you are concerned your doctors are not looking into the inflammatory foods and the role they play in helping you heal from your chronic health condition, call my office to schedule a consultation: (866) 375-4641.

Remember, nothing in your life will change until you do!

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