Athletes Improve Performance with Our Interactive Metronome

Athletes Improve Performance with Our Interactive Metronome
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As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, the Interactive Metronome® focuses on the ability of the frontal lobe of the brain to keep timing and rhythm—basically, the frontal lobe controls the body’s motor functions, including coordination. It also controls additional functions, like personality, thoughts and reflexes. And reflexes are something that an athlete wants at their very best if they are to excel at their chosen sport.

When we have athletes at our clinic to use the Interactive Metronome, they are using the machine’s activities to sharpen their reflexes, their response time and their coordination skills.

AskDrKing’s founder and owner Dr. Corey King is an avid motocross/supercross rider, and has helped many of his fellow racers exceed their peers by using the Interactive Metronome. For these motocross riders, they need their reflexes working at their peak, and hand-to-eye motor coordination is essential, especially when a wrong move could result in injury. If their frontal lobe is not firing efficiently, then their reflexes will not be able to respond effectively while they are playing or participating in their sport.


Actually, most athletes need this level of reflex action and coordination.

Think of a quarterback in a football game—he needs to get the ball and quickly survey the field for the teammate in the best position to receive it, and that person is probably a moving target. Hand-to-eye coordination and quick reflexes are indispensable in that situation. What about soccer? Did you know that many basketball players, like Kobe Bryant for example, have played soccer in Europe to improve their coordination and ability to maneuver on the court? The Interactive Metronome can help all athletes improve their skills in their sport, pushing their performance up to the next level, from balance to speed of movement.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, there are probably many young football stars-to-be who are looking forward to upping their game next season. Do you want to show your coach that you’re ready for Junior Varsity, or even Varsity? Looking for a sports scholarship to help out with those college tuition fees?


The Interactive Metronome can help athletes with these goals.

With the Interactive Metronome, the athletes get something they are already obsessed with: Stats. The Metronome records the athletes’ progress, showing them where they are improving and where they need work. Not only can we refine their activities on the Metronome by providing feedback to help them excel in certain specific areas, these naturally competitive athletes can pit themselves against their past results to really see improvement.

And there is no age limit for the Interactive Metronome!

From 5 to 105, the Interactive Metronome can “build up the muscles” in the frontal cortex to improve motor coordination and create lightning-fast reflexes.


If you have a budding athlete in junior or high school, or if you are an athlete who wants to really improve your performance, please call us at (714) 731-7680 to make an appointment with Dr. Corey King and the Interactive Metronome or sign up our schedule a consultation form. We are the only clinic in Orange County that has one!


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