AskDrKing Makes Sure Thyroid Patients Are Diagnosed Properly

AskDrKing Makes Sure Thyroid Patients Are Diagnosed Properly
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I see it every day, patients come into the clinic suffering from thyroid gland disorder and they are on medications, but they are still suffering from fatigue, gastro-instestinal dysfunction, insomnia, weight gain/loss, loss of hair, lack of sex drive and depression.

Yet, the endocrinologist/primary care physician HAS NOT ran a complete blood test on them. If your doctor is not running adequate blood tests and saliva tests, you will be mis-diagnosed, and ultimately…mis-managed in your attempt to achieve the health results you deserve.


You must think of your body like a jig-saw puzzle

If a couple of the pieces are left off the table, then the picture will never be complete. For instance, most doctors only run TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and T4 on their patients (8 times out of 10, this is what I see). However, they are on medication (Synthroid, Armour, Levothyroxine, etc). and are still having symptoms. Did you know that 90% of those diagnosed with hypothyroidism are suffering from an autoimmune condition? The only way to determine this is by running the TPO and TBG anti-bodies.

Has your doctor ran your TPO and TBG anti-bodies to determine if you are suffering from an autoimmune attack onto your thyroid gland? No? Then one piece of your puzzle just ‘fell’ onto the floor!


Did you know that the adrenal glands affect your hypothalamus and pituitary gland?

…which, ultimately affects how much TSH is released? Your adrenal glands are the ‘stress glands’ of the body: chemical, emotional, and physical stress. Did your doctor run a salivary test to take samples of cortisol through out the day? If not, this could be a piece of your puzzle missing from the equation. One good marker that helps to evaluate the cortisol stress response is reverse T3.


Have you been on any hormones through out your life?

Birth control or hormone replacement therapy? If so, this could have affected how the pituitary gland releases TSH. Did your doctor run your free T4, free thyroxine index, free T3 or reverse T3? These are more pieces to your health puzzle.


Did you know there is a gut connection with the brain?

That if ‘activated’ can also affect the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland? More to come on this in a future blog.


If you are still suffering from thyroid gland symptoms and you are taking medications, but you are still not reaching your health goals…I highly encourage you to contact my staff at (714) 731-7680 to schedule your consultation.


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