AskDrKing Finds Solution Doctor’s Couldn’t for Hashimoto’s Thyroid Symptoms

AskDrKing Finds Solution Doctor’s Couldn’t for Hashimoto’s Thyroid Symptoms
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We at the AskDrKing truly love helping our clients overcome the health problems in their life. Hearing them talk about how their lives have changed for the better makes us immensely happy. With that in mind, for this week’s blog we’re letting one of our “satisfied customers” speak for herself. Here’s an excerpt from her testimonial:

“We all take for granted that we’ll stay vibrant, energized, mentally and physically engaged and healthy…until one day things change. Up until I turned 50 my life was active to the extreme, including lengthy trail runs, rollerblading for hours, mountain biking and a high-stress career in commercial real estate.

After my 50th birthday, my health and mood started to rapidly decline. I was starting peri-menopause and was in pain all the time from achy and swollen joints. I couldn’t sleep and I was constantly fatigued, plus I had a virus that attacked my right hamstring and activates severe sciatica. I was in a constant state of inflammation, causing me extreme pain.

I sought the help of doctor after doctor to relieve the pain—specialists from all fields, including endocrinology, orthopedic, gynecology, integrative medicine and acupuncture. Finally I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease, and the doctor put me on Armour thyroid medication, which was the most “natural” form of treatment. This was supposed to relieve the pain and make me well, but unfortunately, the dosage never leveled out for me and I was on a roller-coaster ride: too much, too wired; too little, too tired. So over the past nine years I never stopped looking for the “magic” that would heal me.

Seven months ago, I came across a “thumbs-up” review of Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? The review included information on gluten, a substance I was unfamiliar with at the time, and when I Googled it, I clicked on the first link and was introduced to Dr. Corey King, who has studied under Dr. Kharrazian. Dr. King’s video presentation and client testimonials intrigued me enough to purchase his book, and after reading it immediately, I arranged an appointment at the AskDrKing.

Never once have I looked back or regretted the choice I made to put my trust and health in the care of Dr. King. He started blood, stool and neurological testing and, with my personal diagnosis in hand, he set out to get me well with a special diet and treatments…

Dr. King is definitely on the cutting edge in the medical field. His treatments focus on the place where almost all of our health, or diseases, begin: In our gut. His treatments combined with the diet have made a huge difference in my life and how I feel today.

Thanks to Dr. King!

I have the knowledge and tools to hopefully live a long, vibrant and healthy life. My exercise routine is back on track, and even though I get sidetracked sometimes on my diet and experience some pain, it’s brief and I know that the knowledge provided by this very special doctor will be with me for life. All I have to do is re-apply the knowledge, re-assess my diet and I will again enter the “pain-free” zone. It’s a lifetime commitment that I’m personally happy to make to keep this smile on my face and my body happy.

It’s been nearly nine years since the fateful day I learned of my diagnosis, and I never thought I’d find the answer—but I did when I found Dr. King.

Dr. King, thank you for your kindness, your gentle way of encouragement and your upbeat attitude—and for giving me my life back. I’ve enjoyed every minute of our work together and would highly recommend your services to anyone who can’t find their way out of the pain or who simply just wants to feel EVEN BETTER!”


Well, we’d like to give a big THANK YOU to this patient for writing such a heartfelt testimonial and for her recommendation. Do you have questions about the therapy program we put her on? Have you been in the same position, and are you ready to get off the roller coaster of your doctor’s thyroid medications and office visits to tweak the dosage? If you have questions or are ready to finally feel healthy again, we would encourage you to contact us by using our schedule a consultation form or by calling (714) 731-7680 for a phone consultation. We want to help you get your life back, too.


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