Announcing the Arrival of the Interactive Metronome for ADHD & Autistic Patients

Announcing the Arrival of the Interactive Metronome for ADHD & Autistic Patients
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AskDrKing is very excited to announce a new arrival at our clinic—the Interactive Metronome® machine.

Many of our patients and readers may not recognize the name of this machine, or know what it does, but when we explain its amazing capabilities, we know that Orange County parents will also be excited that it is now available at our clinic.


So what does the Interactive Metronome do?

It is a computer-based technology that enhances motor skills in children and adults, and can improve performance-based skills such as speech and communication, coordination and learning.

At AskDrKing, we’ve had exceptional success with young patients dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and autism, and the introduction of the Interactive Metronome is going to accelerate their progress enormously. The Interactive Metronome produces significant gains in children in the areas of concentration, motor planning, control of aggression, language processing and reading, according to a clinical study. This study’s findings correlate with recent research on the brain’s growth that indicates that environmental influences, not just genetics, can assist in a child’s development.


The best part?

Kids love the Interactive Metronome, as it combines the principles of the traditional musical metronome (which you may remember from your piano lessons years ago!) with the accuracy and creativity of a personal computer to create engaging training exercises. The Interactive Metronome’s unique program uses headphones and hand and foot sensors so that users can coordinate movements to computer-generated music. The program has a patented guidance system that challenges users to improve their performance as it progresses over time, and the immediate feedback from the computer gives participants the impetus and desire to advance their abilities.

Overall, patients have seen improvement in working memory, attention span, information processing and sequencing and motor coordination. Case studies have seen children significantly improve their ability to interact with peers, engage in new motor activities without frustration, reduced aggression and impulsivity, increased reading capability and language processing.

There are only 15,000 providers with Interactive Metronomes across the United States and Canada, and AskDrKing happens to be the only one in Orange County with one in residence. If you would like a consultation on how the Interactive Metronome can help your child with ADHD, autism or other special needs, please call us now on (714) 731-7680 or use our online schedule a consultation form. We anticipate a large response, so please don’t delay in making an appointment.


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