Alternative Treatment for Cancer Patients

Alternative Treatment for Cancer Patients
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Six years ago my father was diagnosed with 4th stage throat cancer. At the time, his best option was chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. However, due to the radiation around his neck, a lot of thyroid gland tissue was destroyed and he was then considered a hypothyroid patient. Now, my father must take thyroid support (natural is what I have put him on instead of the prescribed cocktail doses of synthroid or levothyroxine) and he is doing great!

Now, with six years of alternative cancer learning under my belt…if you were to ask me if chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery would be the best option…I would say, “lets try some alternatives first!”

One of those alternatives being the TrueRife machine. In the 1920-30s, Royal R. Rife, a scientific genius, developed a light frequency machine that would later consistently, 100% of the time…destroy cancer! 100% of the time. In the book, The Cancer Cure That Worked!, there reads a statement from Royal Rife in regards to destroying cancer cells: “These successful tests were conducted over 400 times with experimental animals before any attempt was made to use this frequency on human cases of carcinoma and sarcoma”. Rife made this statement referring to his ability to destroy cancer cells successfully, over 400 times, using his frequency machine.

Unfortunately, cover-ups by the American Medical Association (AMA), and the outright lies by several prominent medical doctors pushed and buried this information from reaching those millions of patients who have passed away from cancer.

Rife’s genius work was cast out like a stone by the orthodox medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies…only to allow more people to needlessly pass away from the deadly cancers that they suffered from.

One of the best frequency machines available to us today, is the TrueRife generator. I require all of my cancer patients I work with to use one on a nightly basis, as certain cancer frequencies are being ran through the machine, out of a powerful light bulb, and through their bodies. Don’t worry, it is absolutely painless.

Every cell in our body resonates at a certain frequency. If you can then match that same frequency, you can affect the integrity and life of that cell. This explains what the TrueRife technology is doing. By using certain frequencies, patients are able to help destroy cancer cells inside of their body, giving them a better chance at beating their disease.

To learn more about the TrueRife equipment, you can visit their website, or visit the TrueRife YouTube channel to watch some educational videos.

On my next blog, I will go into a little more detail about the TrueRife machine, why I use it on my cancer patients, and why this is one of the tools in my ‘toolbag’ I use to help cancer patients win the battle against their disease.


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