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Qi Max EMF Protection


The pinnacle of EMF protection is now here. Buy the Qi Max™ to shield you and your family from the threats to your home.


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The Qi Max is our EMF solution for your commercial space or larger home!

This is the ONLY proven product in the world with proprietary technology that provides a true sanctuary against EMFs and radiation. Enjoy the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs in larger homes or commercial space. The Qi Max™ is safe for everyone, including babies, children, and pets.

The Qi Max™ creates an extremely large protective area. The protected area is 328 x 328 feet and 100 feet up and 100 feet down from the device. It can cover eight to 10 floors up and eight to 10 floors down. If you need a large area covered, like an entire office building, large warehouse, or large three-story home, the Qi Max™ will take care of it.*

*Check Specifications below for exact field of cover.

Many people suffer from the effects of EMFs, which are constantly growing around us. Up until now, there was nothing you could do to fully protect yourself from these fields and radiation. But with the truly revolutionary invention of the Qi Devices™ from Germany, you can safely protect your entire home with a barrier to radiation. And rest assured, this will not interfere with your Wi-Fi or mobile devices and their signals.

Some Benefits of the Qi Max:

1. Generation of Vital Energy

Qi Max™ generates its own field of vital energy and produces free electrons. This technique is unique and makes our products exceptional. The electrons help to neutralize free radicals inside and outside the body.

Qi Max™ users report better sleep and more energy the next morning.

2. Less Influenced by Radiation

Qi Max™ can protect all residents of a large home or business against all harmful radiation caused by mobile phone radiation, Wi-Fi, wiring in the house, electromagnetic smog, and more.

3. No Power Required

Qi Devices™ function on natural laws and do not require any power to be “on.” It creates its own electricity. The most efficient way to set up Qi Max™ is at a central place in the living area. To deactivate or “turn off” the Qi Max™, simply put it on its side.

4. Full Functionality Within 24 Hours

Enjoy the full benefits of EMF protection from the Qi Max™ within 24 hours of laying it down flat. Most electrosensitive users experience a noticeable change within 48 to 72 hours, as their bodies adjust to the absence of EMFs and increase of electrons.


Protection Area: 328 x 328 ft. | Above/Below: 100 ft. 

Product Dimensions: 23 (diameter) x 7 ¼ inches

Product Weight: 32.1 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 29 ½ x 9 ¾ x 28 in.

Product Lifetime: Minimum 8 years per charge! Purchase includes 1 recharge for another 8 years.** You only pay for shipping.

Warranty: 2-year warranty.

Shipping: FREE Standard Shipping.

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