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Ozone Water Bubbler System


Enjoy making ozone water and humidify ozone gas with the Ozone Bubbler System.



Enjoy making ozone water


Key Features

  • Made from silica and glass, 100% ozone resistant materials
  • Fine-pore ozone diffuser for maximizing the surface area of gas in liquid
  • Utilizing a Luer lock fitting the inlet port connects directly to the ozone generator
  • Prevent backflow into the generator with a check valve
  • Outlet port can connect directly to the desired apparatus with Luer locks fittings – ozone destruct, ozone syringe, ozone stethoscope, etc.



  • One 500 ml ozone bubbler
  • One ozone destruct
  • Two pieces of silicone ozone tubing
  • One check valve (comes pre-installed)
  • One male Kynar Luer lock (comes pre-installed)
  • One female Kynar Luer lock (comes pre-installed)


The Ozone bubbler system can be used for ozonating water.  Made in Michigan by a glassblower with over 40 years of blowing glass for Pfizer laboratories.

In order to make ozone water, simply pour water into the container and attach the bubble to the ozone generator.  The internal stem has a fine-pore diffuser at the bottom, where the gas will bubble through the liquid, which will exit the container into what is called the “ozone destruct”.  Filled with a carbon-based catalyst, the ozone destruct will neutralize the excess ozone to prevent one from breathing ozone directly (Warning: do not breathe ozone directly).

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