Mito Red Light MitoMEGA


    There is absolutely nothing else on the red light therapy market like the new MitoMEGA! The MEGA has an unprecedented 300 5w bulbs for a total 1500w of Red Light Therapy Power! Five extra large yet quiet fans keep LEDs cool ensuring 50,000+ hour lifespan. Dual switches, one each for 660nm and 850nm, allow for full customization of the session. Highest irradiance on the market. Full 2 Year Warranty.

    The MitoMEGA contains NO unnecessary / ancillary components so it still weighs in at only 25 pounds!


    Independent 3rd party testing shows the MitoMEGA can deliver an unprecedented 72,500 joules per 10 minute session.

    1 X Power cord
    1 X Goggles
    1 X User Manual
    1 X Steel cable
    1 X Door hanging hook
    1 X Adjustable height pulley system

    Size: 36″ X 12″ X 3″
    LEDs: 300  x 5w
    Wavelengths: Enhanced Spectral Energy Output™ : 50% Red (peak power 660nm) and 50% NIR (peak power 850nm)
    Irradiance: >125mw/cm2 @ 6 inches
    Switches: Dual Switches, one for 660nm, one for 850nm allow for full customization of the session. Use Red only, NIR only or both at the same time!
    Beam Angle: 60 degrees
    Weight: 25 lbs
    Lifespan: 50,000+ hours
    Power Consumption: 600
    Warranty: Full 2 year warranty
    Compatible with all worldwide voltages.

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