Process #3 – One-On-One Doctor-Patient Coaching



Upon reviewing your recovery plan, Dr. King will discuss several options on how to proceed with your health needs. Dr. King works with patients in two different ways:

  1. One-on-One Doctor-Patient coaching: 

    A majority of patients seek Dr. King’s professional advice and want him to walk them through the steps on how to get healthy. Dr. King performs weekly coaching calls with patients where he discusses each step of the process. Priorities will be laid out for each patient and expanded upon during each coaching call. Dr. King works in 3-month intervals with each patient. Each month, Dr. King will recommend certain follow-up blood markers be run to evaluate your healing. The results will help both you and Dr. King see the healing results, and allow Dr. King in guiding you to the next step.

    At the end of your 3-month plan, Dr. King will recommend you re-run the full blood panel that was run in the beginning. You and Dr. King will schedule an interim phone call/Skype call to discuss the healing that has occurred and what you may need to do from there. If further guidance is needed, you and Dr. King will discuss how much more time may be needed to help accomplish your health goals.

  2. A Comprehensive Recovery Plan, without One-on-One Doctor-Patient Coaching: 

    A small minority of patients feel they only need a Recovery Plan to follow, and they follow it on their own. These patients do not receive the weekly coaching calls and the One-on-One guidance most patients need.

    A recovery plan is developed, along with dates to follow-up on your blood tests. Patients follow the steps and then contact Dr. King when the follow-up blood tests are needed. You and Dr. King will review the blood results, and he will then make follow-up recommendations accordingly.

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